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Palm Beach Pembroke park Fort Pierce. From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. Top congressional leaders of both parties have an invitation to the White House Wednesday afternoon to determine if they can find a way to end the partial government shutdown heading into which twelve day as an Trump says for him the border wall is the biggest part of border security. That's why he's insisting on funding specifically for construction of a physical barrier on the US Mexico border. But Democrats say they'll approve money for beefed up border security drones technology and manpower, but not a wall. That's where the sticking point has been and remains ABC's. Karen Travers in Washington. His family says no way was Paul Whalen spying on Russia. Russia charged a US citizen with espionage Russia's FSB's security service on Monday said they had detained Paul Whalen over spying activity. The forty eight year old is a former US marine who now works as a director of security for the order parts supplier. Boo wanna William's brother, David told ABC that he was in Moscow for the marriage of a fellow marine the vanished just before the ceremony Russia's provided. No details on why William was arrested ABC's Patrick revel in Moscow. We'll ended two hours to two two towers in Iraq with the marines, but was discharged for larceny. He was active on Russian social media. Trump administration says the health benefits might not offset the cost of business and wants to end the Obama era rule, that's credited with dramatically reducing mercury pollution. The estimated cost was eighteen billion dollars EPA, calculates it produced only a few million dollars a year in measurable health benefits. Mercury causes brain damage, learning disabilities and other birth defects in children among other harm. You the? Public have sixty days to send comments to the EPA.

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