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He stay at some monasteries in that. That's how they met. During that period, he was a teacher I cut the monastery, but the same time he was a professor at Tacoma's universe. Comas Social Tasha University yes so he. He still didn't have his own temple. Was a teacher, a staff of that big monastery. And he he's continued to travel all over Japan. On On that day, Jemele! Ordained was December. A Thousand Nine, hundred, forty, one, nine, hundred and forty-one. Powder how about the? Well. Wow. And and so. This was a special meeting between these two teachers right very influential. After that, he practices with our Keno she and what he's practiced. Look like what how in those days would have looked like to learn Zanan Japan all the time so shots billy special then. Photos and teacher. She Jerry focus on their then. Even though he no, he knew everything research I mean about. Molested practice but At the time in which allows for the ordained, he bought a temporary. Not far from Tokyo and he allowed. His disciples to stay that impro-. and. was always travelling, but he visited that temporal on the while. Someone's to read our five this season. Okay, Except that five decision, those not isn't monks. another suggestion. named Sam nicest in that means offense oculus was there are many people from outside of came to this decision, but during this session under by design into monks, and they start literary twenty four hours. Wow, he's from. They sat from two in the morning. do me tonight. They see! Fifty minute. Periods and minutes king honor the beat it until midnight except three times a day for me use. And during that time they somebody is Go around with your circle. Hitting stick yes, so often they. Sleep the IT'd be heat. Wow, but do adding to our be between midnight and two in the morning..

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