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And talk. Final seconds of the show, Scotty be filling in a belief or Ah, Loti Chuck, did you guys notice? Not one wrong Name on the perfect Oh, yeah. You batted 1000 today, Scotty. Scotty. I should know this, but I don't. Are you a beer drinker? I am, sir. What's your favorite beauty? Have a favour? Just whatever's around. Um Red stripe, Right show I love red stripe longer. Your beer drinker, Deborah Green. I don't know You hurt Maybe for men of our easiest thing to order, But preferably cocktails Don't drink beer outside. Or you could get West Nile virus. No, I'm taking a big leap there making a big mosquitoes. If you drink a beer, mosquitoes are more likely to buy you then someone that's not drinking a beer, According to the latest researchers, Reacher researchers explain the chemical compound. Ethanol is a huge mosquito trigger and where you're consuming beer, the percentage of ethanol content in your sweat significantly increases. Additionally, your body temperature rises when drinking alcohol, which makes for a perfect mosquito. Emptor as they love and feed off heat and humidity. Lastly, mosquitoes are also mostly interested in strong aromas and odors like that of beer, So your skin's going to come off more appetizing. So the best thing to do is Longoria, you drink tequila shots, right Give give Ah Your mother in law the beer and they will bite her instead of you. That's a good idea where you learned something today in the market Shit. Let's do a star of the show..

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