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Closed its pork processing plant in South Dakota after seven hundred workers there got the virus on Wall Street a turnaround from two big sell offs the Dow is up with the four hundred points Erica's listening to fox news we W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go what was the crash mostly cloudy forty seven degrees on monument circle and rob Kearney here's what's trending at ten oh two the two people found dead in a vehicle upside down in white lick creek just south of Brownsburg Tuesday afternoon have been identified as David could skate in and Lisa Grissom both of Avon Hendricks county sheriff's office is still investigating why their vehicle left the county road and landed in the creek fire on Indy's east side forced nearly a dozen people out of a home Tuesday night Donnie Burgess reports firefighters arrive to north Davie street around eleven thirty last night where a house fire broken out fire crews were able to put out the flames and those inside the home managed to make it out safely seven adults and four children were forced to leave the burning home and the cause of the fire is still unknown Donna Burgess ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news and then another fire on the east side around six thirty this morning on Lehman Avenue near thirtieth in Emerson I. F. D. confirming one person was able to get out of the home on their own and no one was injured greener sub shop a restaurant on the north side of India's taking a new approach to social distancing their delivering sandwiches with a drone AZ it's going to get better this is the future and we are working with the future franchise owner Todd Tyrone tells wis TV they're hoping to start the drone delivery service for their other.

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