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Today on. Happy said confused. A good old geek out session with hatton oswald guys. I'm josh horowitz. Welcome to edition of happy. Sad confused patent. Oswald is the guest today. Shockingly a first time guest on happy. Sad confused one of those that you would think would be like at least a pure once if not the regular but i guess our pass having crossed as much as i would have hoped over the years As much as i am a fan of patterns comedy his film work has tv work just being an all around Sinophile and geek. He is he is a like minded individual. Somebody that i feel simpatico with and i have a feeling if you listen to this podcast you probably admire and love pattern as much as i do. This was fun as i said. It's a geek out session. This is just kind of a forty five minutes of reveling in all the movies that we love all the stuff. We love all the b. movies. We love pattern is actually promoting a kind of a b. movie marathon that he's hosting for shout. Factory begins saturday. The saturday november seventh at nine. Am pacific time twelve noon eastern time. There's an encore presentation on sunday november eighth at noon pacific time three pm eastern time and it is a livestream of six a classic. I guess maybe classic the right word. I don't notorious b. movies that pattern has selected including chopping mall battle beyond the stars streak of mutilated suburbia. Eat my dust and q the.

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