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That's pretty good to take whatever the best defense in the league. But why all these guys and you've put so much work into making this big board. The one last question wanna ask you is what that process looked came out. Great and i'm curious as to what that look i mean obviously i know you're passionate before this benami. Everyone knows might seem that. You put all his efforts to bay board how that'll take shape What would that process look like. Yeah so i think for me like this is my first year covering the rockets. Just in general i mean. I've always been a fan. I've always done analytics. Projects on the side by as my minor at syracuse always watched games league pass on that stuff like i never really dove into into the value. Add part of it though of just like creating content once the rockets sucked which like hasn't been a thing for me in in my like time as a rockets fan. I mean we had like oh nine through twelve ten years old. I wasn't going to do anything at that time. And i love. Kevin martin aaron brooks so like i was. I wasn't upset about any of that but this year. The rockets weren't good so dove into the draft law I think it started with the g. League a win the drive. My timeline correct. I mean i watched like march madness and stuff like that scouted for march madness. 'cause i was around the same time as sbc draft academy with me and you both did that but in the as well. Because the rockets down kevin porter jr. engage a martin watching them and i started watching the night loved. Jalen green loved loved isaiah todd. Dacian knicks is cool. Like all four of them were very very fun to watch. And i was like okay. Lemme like really dive into this draft. And kinda see like all these other guys because if dacian knicks is not a guy that should get drafted by some for some people like who are these other. Is you know or if like isaiah tie in like jonathan coming. I'm like oh man like there's all this like awesome talent coming into the league star watching law like a lot more really only had really paid attention to acc because the syracuse and also i would just watch ut games and my university houston game. So i knew players. I didn't really know like who's coming into the draft and who's in what draft class and stuff like that by kind new players then once. I really like dove into it. Started watching film star watching. You know even though like you. I b l. game from like years back watching old interviews workouts. Whatever i love the process. It was a lot of me just sitting where i am right now looking at my computer a lot of headaches and long nights and slamming my keyboard going. This is hard because it is. It's such a hard process..

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