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I think the best thing that you can do is try to become you know like if you're just like a personnel in the world and like thought seems interesting i think i could do that i think you would want to try to get one of the volunteer position screening for festival whatever festivals near you because every festival pretty much needs manpower to help them get through all their submissions this year we got over eight thousand submissions so obviously the five or six people who have programmer in their name that were gets up by are not watching all of those so we have a group of on tears that have some kind of qualification like their their professors they're filmmakers they went to film school and now you know they go to every film festival but they work their regular job as an accountant or whatever it is and basically at least for south by we do application in the summer when we need people like open on the internet we're no somebody that you could just like fill out an application and then we do kind of tests and let people where they do kind of sample grading process and we see if they jive with us and then they've gone tear and if they're really great volunteering you kind of see people who have talent that are kind of like oh they are in a lot because that's the thing it's such an opinion based art form that's why it's like confusing to understand how you even get into festival everything's based on pinon but for us we're looking for people who are really like smart in analyzing things and are able to distinguish their own opinion from the possible opinion of other people and kind of just have a bigger view of what is off by looking for not just is a foam there's so many shades of grey around all of it that we kind of like and then those people sometimes get paid to watch more and then sometimes they become.

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