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Here's your host and emcee Scott at words. Welcome to this week show, we're going to be doing a great interview with a lovely young lady in just a minute, but I did want to take a moment and say. Thank you for listening. We're about halfway through the first year of my plan podcast celebrating forty plus years and the comedy industry. Taking live sats from various productions. I've done with laughs unlimited a lot of these or live on my stages but there's also stuff from laps in the park and my television shows radio all kinds of various media that have been available to me as a producer over the eighties and nineties, and it's just really been great showing this with. You listeners out there. So I hope you've enjoyed listening as much as I've enjoyed producing these podcasts but now we have a special treat. The very lovely young lady that we're about to interview is very special but we just jump into it ladies and gentlemen my good friend, Jill Edwards. Jill. Much. Rejoicing. Hey it's so good. Actually Have you appear on the podcast? So you might have noticed that Jill has the same last name of me. Yes. This is my wife and re the real reason that I'm doing this podcast I told the story and once before. But let me reiterate that I had been working on a book celebrating the forty years in show business. that. I've had been lucky to share. My wife was very sharp and smart, and she said you know be better to get this information out through a podcast because we have so much material from the TV shows live on stage and light bulb. Wow that was a great idea she had, and now we have this podcast. So thank you, Jill you're more than welcome. will she is so excited to be here you can tell. So I'm have Jill on the show, not because she was one of the comics work the class good God now. But she was one of the original Silver Cedars. Slash tunnel. Came on pretty early eighty, two, eighty, three I non original Silver Cedars. All right. All right. She was a hostess. Must with the most at the club back in the early eighties and started off strictly as an employee for me. Let's let's go into the actual interview. So Jill, welcome to the PODCAST. So. Why don't you tell everybody how you happened to come across laugh unlimited and became an employee? Well, in all honesty I had never heard of the place and even heard of it never really heard of Iraq. Actually at that point were and. I was hanging out with a friend of Mine Natalie and she goes Oh. Hey Mike friends work at this place in old Sacramento. Let's go get pizza old. Second say say hi to my friends and I was like, Oh sure. Let's go then. So there's Like three or four of us and went down and we go into the club and. was. Linlin. Came out and she's pretty frantic looking. Natlia need employees do you want a job and now he's like, no, you know I'm really sorry but I'm heading out to Europe pretty quick I'm going to be gone for the rest of the summer and. Let me see my friends are looking for a job and I kind of went. Well, I'm actually looking for a job and Lynn paused. It was a very long pause and kind of was looking me up and down and I thought Oh my God. What is she doing and she goes? Okay I think you would work. She goes bringing in application in. Have you sit down with Scott next week though she was scanning you up and down checking up physically now this probably felt pretty weird guy. For Those That aren't aware the reason she was checking out Jill physically was that back in those days, we had some custom-made. Tuxedo jackets. White Tuxedo jackets that the girls war as hostesses, and the reason she was checking you out physically was to make sure I would talk to make sure you. Couldn't get a job if you didn't put. Tax So funny. So filled in an application came back and then you actually interviewed me why well I actually don't remember that. I. Don't remember my Ch- but that's funny. Now, how old were you at the time? Oh. Wow When he nineteen twenty I think it was twenty. It was. You had had had a couple jobs this was. A first little bit more serious position. Yeah. That's true I. mean you know you had the teenage type jobs and this is working in an adult nightclub quite frankly actually in a bar in a bar. So that's something a little different for a young lady and but you got the job, you fit the jacket jacket and you stressed. Yes and you start off as a hostess and you stayed as a hostess at the Club for how long Actually on my twenty first birthday. One of the bartenders called in sick and so on. My twenty first birthday asserted bartending I didn't remember that was on your birthday. Twenty first birthday or right soon, thereafter, Yudin barbeque or anything straight into bartending. Fire I've got to tell everybody that One of the great things about owing a nightclub in a comedy nightclub was that I didn't allow fancy drinks. We didn't do a lot of blended drinks that wasn't like. A bar you go today and have some twenty dollar fancy drink. It was a speed bar. We wanted to get the people in. Get them. Sad get him a couple of drinks do the show and get them out. So we were doing Bourbon Cokes, gin tonics what were the drinks that you learned right away? Bourbon Cokes. Cokes actually Tom Collins Vodka. Collins Martinez. You know. The basics. Tease. Ties at the time and sadly. We did have a blender I hated making blended drinks. They really slowed us down, but we were known to make a lot of strawberry dockery's or strawberry Margaritas had virgin and regular correct. But my point wise. It was a speed bar. And I wanted to tell everybody the Jill who started off as bartender Kenneth, thrown into the fire, she said turned out to be one of the best bartenders I ever employed. Fast she was quick. She was honest she was efficient and she kept a clean bar in these were things that as the club owner I noticed right away and that endeared her to me as an employee. But back, then she was just an employee I was married to another person and had started a family and so we started off is employer employee, and then we it moved into I went through a divorce and went to kind of a friendship thing and you work there for many years at laughs, and then you moved on running a couple of my restaurants S. Shoot. Hated the restaurant business. But during the comedy time, you had a few interesting experiences wanted to tell everybody about your some of the famous people. Famous phone call Oh yes. I did. So we when I was bartending, one of the things that I liked was that we didn't Have to answer all of the phones. We would only answer the private line and one night. It was a Saturday night it was really busy and and the headliner was the week that Dave Kuwa- and Bob Saggy were were there the two of them were together not physically together but they were..

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