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Yeah. I'm surprised it hasn't happened. Is why it's the streets out. Yeah. We're not advocating that people. Go burn things. Not what we want excess. You should topple power structures. But not literally topple things. Right. Well to nearby the literally wants to the wheel she she has no qualms as we season. But came to like, Charlie, right? She has no qualms about just taking down the people that are currently power if they're gonna be Dick's. That's in the wheel it way. We're not doing that here by yet. But that's what I mean. You know, I mean, it's going to take the people. That's how we ever get any change in our government is if the people rise up and say that's enough were done with you. We start. We we started going down that road and play. Just after finish the job. So in an interview with George are Martin, I can't not call him Gir. He says that the parallel he sees in modern times is heaving that Trump is Joffrey. Do we think Trump is Joffrey? No, Trump is you're on. Yes. If you watch the kings moot that whole thing was literally like that was the twenty sixteen election was like you had this very competent woman who's the clear choice who's like Hello. I will be your leader and do all of these like, really sensible things. And then this random dude who is just like openly. Yeah. Sure. I killed the previous king comes in the are Nyland's great again. And you know, and then everybody's like, oh, yeah. Well, he's a dude listen to him and then they make him king. And he's just like this vainglorious insane person. You're on is one thousand percent Donald Trump. I think he has your on's. Bravada? Yes. But Joffrey temper. Hours. Ultimately, sure, I will say things like, I totally. Back to this. Shoes. How can you not know that that shit the man as probably the soft as has in America? He has never done anything in his life that was visible except golf which early sucks. He's in charge anywhere with a gun. Joffrey is offer will gladly apps one if they're helpless at any faction. But if it comes down to it he was assigned scout every time, he Mandalay. So I think it's a mix is I I do think the you're on comparison. It's. The right. A based on politics, even though I know a lot of the stuff was our that. It's it is kind of crazy. I think it's just a cycle of history right lane. George is policed from old European history. Whether it's the wall in Wild Wings or. Away. Some of these houses are interacting with each other. But it's all coming out again. That's another real break. Yeah. You're on. Hillary. If Hillary is secretly as I would love to know the would vote for her. She also secretly lesbian. But. Hillary. So if Joffrey is Trump if Trump had a sword. But would he name it? Widows. Well, which is like the worst. Here. But I think it's probably true even call it Trump sword. No. That is a good answer. He'd call a big. Well, so here is what Georgia Martin says about his Trump reminded me, most of Joffrey they hadn't they have the same level of emotional maturity and Joffrey likes to remind everyone that he's king and thinks that gives him the ability to do anything. So Maureen Dowd had asked him that question and Maureen Dowd asked him, I wonder how game of thrones provides insights into the mindsets and strategies of modern day geopolitics and Martin says I'll pass on that one. Well, it sure provides I always thought you can learn a lot for movies TV shows. I think it shaped a lot of my rally growing up do much TV straight lessons to her. I mean, Belyaev Ling's are perfect analog Trump's laugh or right all wants to talk about is how Brown people are. And the Wild Wings are them. It turns out they're humans, and they wanna live..

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