Dan Neil, Larry Kelly, Canton Ohio discussed on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast - Our 3 co-hosts talk about their former players, great teammates and they share football stories with guest George Whitfield


In friends oh dan neil and it was hooking up with a dear dear old friend 1950 seven when i went to bowling green state university don was our senior quarterback we didn't get a chance to play together because our freshman team was separated from the varsity but we room right next door to he di he in larry kelly and vicki oreo to outstanding player from uh from canton ohio and then a 1968 when back to bowling green is a defensive secondary coach and and don was the was the head coach so we work together for three years and as i say dear friends and teammates he visited with a stayed with us i don't think i've uh shared so many stories and laugh so much in uh in a long long time and was a joy we've got dan's grandson ryan working here with us on our staff at michigan and and we'll get during jacked up we will get to be freshman separation from the varsity squad bowling green as you alluded to an and coach a lot of familiar faces for you in town this past weekend had july catching up with them but really enjoyed the scene everybody ah especially the players from usd great bunch of guys we're very successful there at usd freddie montgomery one of our uh really find linebackers who's doing great things traveling around the world as an engineer right now uh were confer working for a government in the in the military reminded me he said kociu told us when we were eleven and one that we would know if we were great team until ten fifteen twenty years down the line and we would know um until we can see what kinda husband's we became what kind of fathers we became what kind of men we were in in their communities and i remember tell him that and uh and he said we'll take a look and then you know is that went through each guy you know patrick o'neal and the things that he's dylan and ryan morgan and you're seeing now picture pictures of his son and.

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