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Official acts like a White House meeting in order to courses the country to announce investigations not even conduct them but just announce them to help us mers opponent and there's not much light that Joe Biden hunter Biden can shed on the president's conduct so yes it will not have them show up and just say if you have nothing to hide then come out there and tell the American people that because they want because it would it would convert the Senate trial into the same kind of a sham proceeding that the president sought to have Ukraine undertake there's been no factual basis for these allegations against the Joe Biden no factual basis for the allegation that Ukraine not Russia into fear the twenty sixteen election that is a Russian propaganda talking points and to ask the Senate to these investigations that the president fraudulently side to get Ukraine to conduct would merely turn the send trial on its head now that something the president would love but that's not a fair trial that's a sham trial and and so I think what the sentence ought to do is they should take their to be impartial seriously can I make this a serious a fair trial for the present yes but also for the American people all right that was the corrupt compromise congenital liar Adam Schiff I love I we goes on comedy shows and it goes on the view I mean it's stunning but he won't come on this program but is he can answer the questions the only guy that got well that we have on tape literally conspiring with the Russians to get dirt on Donald Trump the impact the election you can't even make this stuff up there's like that backfired now the the whole Ukrainian issue all you've got well we can't have a quit in a pro and a quo first we'll have audition well I hope we'll have audition hearings behind the scenes and will only leak out secretly what we want to leak out but we're not going to be honest with the American people that will bring the best people forward to make the case and we're trying to basically stacked the deck and run a PR propaganda campaign that that is how pathetic this is all bent and then they only have one fact witness in the end anyway just one everyone else here say everyone else opinion well opinions nice hearsay is nice but it federal rules of evidence allow our FAQ witnesses and as I keep saying the Senate ought not give credibility to this corruption the Senate their role constitutionally is very clear they hold the trial the house well they have the power to do what they have the sole power to impeach the Senate's number one obligation is to protect the Senate all pulled the institution and our constitution now we have the other body conducting itself in an anti constitutional way well don't participate in their share of the ship sham show that we've got it's unbelievable to me I mean you talk about a mob it only got Joe Biden you're not getting the billion dollars the last ship fire the prosecutor and best that he knew was investigating his zero experience son hunter who is being paid millions with no experience you get the but you have six hours son of a B. they fired a unbelievable all right so with the announcement by a polo see the impeachment chef share I'm show that they're gonna put on them and point these impeachment of managers though go over you'll see a great solemn you know the impeachment articles on a box walked over to the Senate you know you would think it's like I don't know the inauguration for the Democrats I guess that they think it is but what really happens from here well somebody that would know is congressman Steve Chabot these with Ohio's first district he was one of the impeachment managers and senior member of both the house Judiciary Committee in the house foreign affairs committee and the lack of support none of the due process that the Republicans a new Gingrich afforded then president Bill Clinton and his attorneys was ever afforded Donald Trump are they were allowed to cross examine witnesses they were allowed to bring witnesses they were allowed to present evidence they got to pick the time in which this would all take place not there with no auditions going on behind the scenes none of this is happened anyway from an article that congressman Chabot wrote would state representative Sensenbrenner about the impeachment effort tensions ran high twenty years ago as we stood in the well of the Senate before the Chief Justice then William Rehnquist all one hundred senators in the nation as house impeachment managers we presented our case against Bill Clinton and president Clinton but we're we're somber but confident knowing that we had afforded Mister Clinton every due process right to defend himself well now we find ourselves on the verge of another presidential impeachment but this time the process is so fundamentally unfair that justice cannot be served and for the past two months house Democrats led by the intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff have conducted a sham investigation with predetermined conclusions it will do on thinkable damage to the credibility of the house and to the nation and since the president took the oath of office ship has had a quest these letter quest to overturn the twenty sixteen election now we both work with Mister ship on the Senate on the house Judiciary Committee and one of us Mister Sensenbrenner has managed to judicial impeachments one Sam B. can't and another G. Thomas Porteous junior along side of wall in those cases he was fair reasonable and he has let his blind hatred of the president poisoned his conduct and destroy his credibility for more than two years Mister Schippers misled the public about having clear evidence trump polluted with Russia to steal an election Robert Muller found no such evidence that Mr Shipp said his eyes on the next scandal to good to be true report accusing the president of improper action Mr Shipp took to the cable news to propagate that no narrative but soon began to crumble we learn from the biased non fact you know hearsay whistle blower had contacted ships committee and staff before filing is report engine flight about that anyway congressman Steve Chabot Ohio's first district Sir you were there are welcome back you're right about everything you wrote now my question to you is simple now we'd we know it's been a sham a chef show of you well now the question is alright they passed their articles tell us what how this is walked into the Senate with such seriousness and what's going to happen what people can expect well Nancy Pelosi unfortunately is poison the well because essentially both sides are supposed to work together on these things as a Senate did under Clinton and as you indicated that Sean we bent over backwards to make sure that the president Clinton his due process rights were protected his lawyers got to call witnesses cross examine witnesses present evidence you know relative to the president there was no attempt to give him a fair shake at all this was there there are people that have all been bound and determined to impeach this president from day one probably even before day one and and they've just proceeded down this road now what'll happen from here is the articles of impeachment are supposed to be walked over they should've been walked over three weeks ago well hang on I don't do is such urgency that they had to do it before Christmas and they then they went on vacation that's right yeah I was so origin they went on vacation yep she should I walked him over at that time but she thought I think that she would you know she would get get some power over Mitch McConnell over in the Senate you know she would have some ability to determine how the Senate would would rule over there what the rules would be it's a Senate matter once he gets over there yes there are house impeachment managers and the rumor is that we're gonna hear who they are tomorrow there were thirteen of us we were under Henry Hyde he's course passed away at one of the I think one of the greatest members of Congress in the in that century really in Riyadh was it truly just said a tremendous person intellect one of the great orders in the house probably in in its history but we'll see what happens but you know she has really set it up to be a sham you know as it was in the house there's no there's absolutely no reason this president ought to have to go through this impeachment the facts are just not there given when they weren't able to get him in the mall investigation proved Russian collusion obviously I was determined that there was no Russian collusion and then the Attorney General determine that there was no obstruction of justice so they came up with this this fraud of an obstruction of Congress well basically that was based upon the president allegedly the executive branch not cooperating with what the legislative branch wanted so when there is a disagreement what's posts ago those are two branch you go to the third branch you go to the court but they skip that branch because as you indicated shot time was of the essence they had to act on this so they had to get it done before Christmas there wasn't time to go to the courts so they just impeaching rather than go to the courts and let the court's role it's just the whole thing has been pushing him from the beginning and it's too bad that the you know Nancy closing the Democrats to put the country through this because there's so many other things we ought to be working on together like infrastructure like the the fact that about seventy thousand Americans each year die to do to opioid overdose is their their **** out our southern border that's something we ought to be able to work on together to make sure that people come into this country legally but rather than work on those things here we are wasting the American people's time and tax dollars on impeaching the president the American people deserve so much better than this they really do I mean this this is what they're doing is so dangerous and so awful and so horrible all right quick break more with congressman Steve Chabot giving us the insight into what happened in ninety nine versus today with impeachment looks like the trial starts next Tuesday according.

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