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And shelling west kansas city a professor from miami university miami of ohio ohio that's where i was from eighty six to ninety a professor of american studies fifty two years old was online in some sort of chat conversation with other weirdos about prostitution in police the police the prostitutes the purpose and the police that's right they all congregate together and having coffee together online we're just chatting man we're just chatting and he let everybody know by the way i'm going to be going to kansas city here in a few days of looking at the time when he goes see who's there and by the way i'm looking for a fourteen year old and there were well at least one of the the police officers and i think there's a fine line here between the purpose who are having these conversations with intent and the police who are having these conversations to catch the purpose it's a real i've read these texts chats and these conversations in the the crime in ohio called import tuning you all would know it from nbc's to catch a predator on dateline that's the crime that's what we're talking about and anyway this this professor announces he's going to kansas city he's looking for fourteen year old and he winds up having a conversation with a police officer who was posing as the fourteen year old cousin and they are supposed to meet up at a restaurant he shows up at the restaurant and he gets arrested now i'll ask you right now i mean i've seen the probably one hundred or import tuning cases in my career the police liked to pick a restaurant bob evans is a popular place but mcdonald's is really where just mcdonald's is where the police tend to like to have these little meats and the things that these guys say when they get arrested well i was just driving by just i just happened to be coming through this mcdonald looking for a hamburger just looking for yeah i've just you know i was just i was curious but then we were talking at the break of one of the all time best is he was gonna come i was going to go all across all these states drive to talk her out of it says the talker out of it i'm trying to save her soul can't can't do that online can't do that look just needed to talk route of it i'm gonna show the way of the lord and you know he gets to be prosecuted in two jurisdictions at least i think he's out of a job well he may be tenured after after let's say sunday here till i i we've got fourth july red white and boom is coming up that leads to our fireworks law now we now fireworks law you have all these little acronyms it's federalized it's it can be confusing and no reason anyone should be confused when you drive by a fireworks place she go in you buy some fireworks and they say okay now you have to leave the state what's confusing about that our fireworks laws the general i've broken this down to easy bite size pieces something there's fireworks that are not fun there fireworks that are kind of fun and there are fireworks that are awesome which one would be legal you fireworks that are not fun are very legal yes the ones that you show your kids and they go crestfallen yes that is the word they are crestfallen fireworks yes don't bring this net fireworks the ohio revised code describes the crestfallen fireworks as party poppers glowworms so these are actually a new hire advice good party poppers glowworms devices that produce a small report intended to surprise the user nothing that that worm will surprise the heck out of you if you let it off on your lap booby traps cigarette loads yes so you can it's legal to put something in the end of somebody that be blows up crackers right and there's no protection need party poppers and snappers but cigarette loads are legal fireworks that are kind of fun these are ones that that mrs coffee will go find somewhere for our children and bring back to the.

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