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They recently held hundreds of rallies across California and can't be. Kay's Aubrey Aquino spoke with a Rockland mom who spearheaded a local rally. Frustrated parents want a seat at the table. They want the governor and state officials to hear their call for their Children to get a chance to play again. Tina Watts is a mom of two student athletes at Rockland High. She rallied for local high school communities to come together and be heard. We have a massive issue, and if we just if they they could dress take action now, if our governor and California Department. Public health could just look at the evidence that we have And we could maybe salvage some of these kids and get them back to the fields were going along, ultimately want says they just want the opportunity to try and show they can do this safely. Aubrey Aquino News 23.1 KFBK I'll Grove is getting its first hospital. Here's kfbk is Jody Guerrero. Gross First Hospital is planning to start operations in 2022, California, North State University plans to build a 250 bed facility next to their campus by Interstate five C. An S U. Is meeting with the Outgrowth Planning Commission next month to finalize the plans, Dean Joseph Silva says students will actually be trained at the facility. Jody Guerrero News 93.1 KFBK in Sacramento this morning. It's quiet. But as NBC News Jacob Ward says they are preparing for the possibility of violent protests. We have 1000 National Guard personnel. And California Highway Patrol on Tactical Alert Me They're working extended hours, four blocks is blocked off. We have National guard personnel out in front of basically every major government office in the area. The FBI has warned of possible armed protests at 50 state capitals running through President elect Joe Biden's inauguration, which of course is on Wednesday. There are fears of an insider attack on President elected Joe Biden's inauguration Wednesday. Here's KFBK correspondent Michael Kastner. Because of that worry the FBI is vetting old 25,000 National Guard troops in Washington, D. C. The Army said in a statement issued late Sunday that it's working with the Secret Service to learn whether any service members in D C need additional background screening. Security precautions are tighter than usual for Biden's inauguration after a pro trump mob stormed the capital on January 6 an attempt to stop Congress certifying Biden's victory. Michael Kastner, 5 35 the time on this Monday morning. Here are your top national stories.

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