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Have you seen all the potted plants and how it just changes everything. The feel absolutely and I struck me on is like wow. This place looks so much different than it did thirty years ago. Now I mean in in it's all to towards <hes> attributed to attention -ality audio right absolutely see you see people care care enough to to plant something to keep it up to keep watering it and we care about her. City really see Wichita has stepped up in the last decade for sure yeah so when I love it what you've got kids you said nine note eleven sorry that's the throwback yeah <hes> eleven and now thirteen so so they're getting other hoping D._C.. Little entrepreneurial bugging them or you hoping to Kinda Pass them that I the knowledge and one of them so we'll wait and see what happens yeah but <hes> yeah for now. There's just able to be kids and that's okay yeah. That's okay. There's nothing wrong with yeah very cool as we wrap up a couple things I wanNA find. How's your leadership mindset? Do you see yourself as a leader. Are you in in an intentional about you. Lose your guests well. We're leader whether we want be or not. I Love Alvin answer and so you can you can laid-back things are good things but <hes> so the answer is yes. We're later but we try to lead by example <hes> and we are as we've grown we we've grown from uh what to people rigging to Rican Travis and I and then to is about forty people now yeah I in six years and so we have to become <hes> much more than what we were after grow ourselves in so there are places that I lack in leadership that I'm trying to learn trying to mint get with another mentor and in mentor some of our people as well because as we move up we create those holes holes and we need people that can fill though so <hes> there's actually a Gal that <hes> used to work with me at previous job and and I saw that diamond and the rough and we offered her position and <hes> she came with us to the brewery in Laredo <hes> the now she's <hes> an assistant general manager at the Poor House and she's doing great and she didn't see that herself when you're first hydrate you know and I started talking in fact I think even in an interview she lost her dad early on and and almost kind of felt like a dad tour some degree and then so it kind of it really makes me proud to see her doing as well as she is doing. Now I love that I love the again. The intention and you said something there that is worth mentioning is when you're on this journey this entrepreneurial journey at some point. You've got a every entrepreneur talk to at some point. They gotta realize wait a second. There's more than in just about product. That's right location marketing capital cashflow. Yeah I get get myself right and become a better leader. Every successful entrepreneur has that moment and it sounds like you're doing that and you say yeah. I got the same time you're fixing yourself. You're setting example for those at the Saints Ryan Right. We'll end because there's a hand off. There is a Hindu coming and whether you want to or not we're we're all called upon wants to die and so <hes> <hes> there's going to be a hand off and I I would like that hand off to be a smooth as possible and I want them to be a lot better than I was. I mean a lot of mistakes. Yeah and I WANNA help them so that they don't make those same mistakes mistakes rate so I love man. I love that the fact that you're not working at a place of Ego. I've talked to a lot of leaders and entrepreneurs who are so encapsulated with their ego that it's about them. In their personality. I see this level of authenticity in you this vulnerability in year which take ditch which denotes a lot of strength and I. I don't know what your other partners are like but I think if the three of you are kind of working in that space I think you guys are will on your way to be a long run pretty..

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