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1.5 Steve Tripoli's Trivia. The fight around special guest Lieutenant Girdle Robert, VT. From vet wrist dot or GE and Anthony cries from the enterprising shelf That's gonna be Friday night mayor arts dot org's You don't even have to go to the show. We're going to send you to download so you can watch it. On live stream. That's how well of course, you can go to the show, but I mean we're gonna with you want we can send you the data flow so you can win the Livestream school. See that this way like that. We are lazy people here, Anthony, you know, but then we theater. That's a beautiful theory. But I'm sure it's going to sound amazing than that. They got a great crew and a big set up. There really is. I've been there. I co hosted William Shatner there one night. And it was great out there. I felt like I felt like Alan Shore hanging with Denny Crane like spot. Tanglewood Current was amazing. All right, let's get Teo Pete in. Ewing is on New Jersey. 1.5 AP Steven just are you guests are having a great time. I'm sure they are because they're hanging out with the great Steve Travel East, even though he's a jinx. The jinx, bro. What's your category that you took off three times our team lost. You've got to stop doing, bro. You know, I just don't watching these games from work. Don't win, just win knowing me. What's directly. What's your category? What will category do? You have what I have. I have the the New Jersey, New Jersey one a 1.5 and television. We'll go with movies tonight. Alright, Beach. That's me, baby. All right. Hey, Stevie. I got to give a quick shout out to my whole staff husband home, man I got to work with And they allow me to be insane enough during the day and to do stuff at night like this, But, uh, P movie for you. Oh, you're going to know this one piece. You lucky night, eh? Who were the ready? No, I'm ready. I hope you're right. Who were the original in laws. Was it Peter Falk in Alan Arkin? Jack Clubman and Tony Randall. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Abbott Costello. Now we got another jingle. I don't notice one will go with B mo's baby. And Tony Randall Na..

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