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If the aftermarket juniper this rumors about it being bought out by nokia okay so juniper close the 29th sixty i got a 35 fifty synopsis on bad earnings but they beat closed at the eighty six three quarters ninety four three quarters are workday reported that's another one that got hit hard today at south four bucks in the aftermarket 210 to win change a p v h corp closed at one thirty seven i got a one thirty four in change his a semiconductor getting hit stepped tech closed at thirty six and a half i got a thirty two ninety box closed that the twenty two i got at twenty thousand seventy cents abacha moves of the so anyway i hope i have given you the tail the tape the all over for the map action think if i wrote that anything else that even airlines are coming up the right side now they were very weak housing remains strong i already mentioned insurance and there you go and with the dow up a hundred and four today you ready so if i can do this quick with the dow down a hundred and four amazon 33 google 26 coherent twenty one auto desk 21 priceline nineteen lam research 18 nvidia fifteen ip g photon expecting a assemble holdings twelve china lodging twelve netflixing eleven tesla 10.

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