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You can listen to a lot of ones they're free from pre 2000 9 when I start a prerecording. And then there's a live episodes that cost me a couple of bucks. So I charge you a couple of bucks. There's also some stand up. There's a story album that's very exciting there. And other than that, I have a lot of merch in my garage. Feel free to order if you know anybody who doesn't have any CDs or the DVD. And you can follow me everywhere at Jackie occasion. Let's get into the show. Hi, Jackie case in here. In my garage, that's right. And I'm here with being of the show longtime dork forest. Riley mangles welcome to the program. Thank you for having me. You're welcome. I like your headphones with the ear buddies on it. But in light of two. That's hilarious. It's amazing. Well, we so you're like, you should be an email because I said you want to be at the door for us, and you're like, yeah, I can of course. Right? It's attainable goal. And you said musicals. I did. Now, my knowledge of musicals is, as per usual, pardon me, will I rush things off of my body? Because we are filming. Anyway, yeah, so musicals. I watched him as a child. We've done several episodes on the dark forest about musicals. None of them is sugar. Yeah. Rebecca sugar did musicals. She other people amazing. She is amazing. She's the Steven universe, lady. And I love Steven universe, which also has me to get in. Yeah, it does if she plays the ukulele. I appreciate she does. I'm want to learn so bad. Yeah, it looks, it looks super. It doesn't look, I mean, it looks pretty it's.

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