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The Pac 12 Big 10, with 12 ranked Oregon, traveling to Columbus for a noon Eastern kick off first, the nation's third ranked Ohio State Buckeyes reached Davis Kirk her street. Look ahead. PAC 12 needs a little credibility, lost 14 straight regular season games on the road against top 10 opponents and didn't get off to a great start top to bottom last week in Week one, and this is a game that they need. At the very least, be competitive. If you're Ohio State fan, you're not overly familiar with Oregon. One thing you're going to have to realize is offensively They have a lot of speed CJ Verdell in the backfield Johnny Johnson, Michael Pittman. These guys can all score in a blink of an eye very similar to what Ohio State has. The key to me will be Anthony Brown, the quarterback. The transfer from Boston College got a year last year, we got some reps and job boards offense. How will he play against the secondary from Ohio State? Let's be candid, their bit vulnerable. Can they find some big playability? Because, in my opinion, they're going to have to score with Ohio State. And with that Ohio State offense, I don't think that the Ducks will slow him down in Columbus and the storyline that will be watching on college GameDay. Cavon Thibodeau, best player in college football, in my judgment, heard an ankle against Fresno State. Will he be able to go for the Ducks against Ohio State? His presence will be needed for those ducks. How about a top 10 matchup offering number? 10, Iowa at ninth, right? Iowa State. It's on ABC at 4 30 Eastern, the annual Sai Hawking canceled last season because of the pandemic, Iowa has won the last five meetings. Joey Galloway on SportsCenter asked me before last weekend. I probably said Iowa State because of returning so much talent. The offensive side, especially But watching them against northern Iowa. Much like last season. They lost Louisiana and week one didn't look very good. They look very physical up front. If you're not a physical football.

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