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Cloudy on Tuesday with a high of forty four and Wednesday cloud cloudy with a mix of rain and snow in forty two to twenty eight degrees at W. T. M. J. this is the fix it show on the anti Clinton Tom faces here Jim and Lee Taylor from Westmont that gives center here Hey do all sorts of really really nice vacuum so must frustrate you guys I'm gonna guess that you see that the former great names like a Hoover that's been sold probably cut a couple of times right it's just not the same no not a same via no they went to more the big box stores you know I guess that's fine and dandy but we just you know our stories we all offer service and that's something that no those vacuum cleaners are all throwaway and we don't want throw a vacuum cleaners in the shop so what what what do you what's the answer when somebody goes I can't believe this vacuum is as much well back to back in the you know back in the eighties and not even the nineties we had sent your vacuum cleaners that were you know all three for five hundred dollars things have gone up I mean look at vehicles you know nowadays people you know what the the Percy years ago they spent about twenty or thirty grand for a vehicle either fifty or sixty yeah it's the same scenario vacuum cleaners of good quality machine is more money but it's going to last a lot longer you're gonna get ten fifteen twenty years out of our products yeah you know where instead of I mean do you go to the department store and buy a toaster every couple years probably not like what you do with a vacuum cleaner why you used to be able to serves that would last for twenty years you don't have all rough is it really so I mean the answer almost as what number one this is not junk and yeah there's a lot of junk out there number two do you want to replace this thing every you know four years ago do the math right right plus it's all good they work for your carpeting they keep you know you spend you know ten fifteen thousand dollars on carpeting or bare floor and we have vacuums at fit bowls you spend that kind of money on floors you want a vacuum that's not gonna leave dirt in it it's not going to ruin your floors the quality of these things you're you're spending them for you know not much money for how long they last it's probably going to last you longer than just about anything in your home when you buy something of this quality yeah yeah okay but said the Hartland Hey Steve good morning good morning Hey I currently have a new tone center back system okay and I noticed that you sell three different brands of central backs what's the difference between the aisles well what qualities can be a one of them for sure you know warranty power a lot of companies come out with all I can say let's say six hundred or what machine seven hundred or one they usually did pretty much picked out to that but when it comes down to like say we sell easy floor cycle of our brands are a little higher and they got better motors and they make changes to the good not to bad you know so not to downgrade new tone they went through some changes because they have to they have some stuff out there that just wasn't holding up and their new stuff we just never got into my I don't want to go down that road again does that answer your question yeah so which ones are the quietest the quietest ones are going to be either easy flow or cycle of act you can pretty much data next term nowadays or years ago you'd stand away from it and all the covers that you can hold a conversation stand next to it yeah yeah well my current one you can't hold a conversation actually yeah right yeah I believe that and can you retrofit I mean put a new power unit on the existing central bank system yes absolutely Californians are pretty much the same to ensure that all even in wall set up work yeah we can see I would need to change it out no problem at all yeah we take yours off the wall and put ours on I'm just we have to change the pipes are right at the base of the unit and that's it that's pretty some pretty fast switch out yeah you know what they are noble power our outlets can those be are those are universal yes they are yeah yeah you you would have to if yours have yeah one ten in them that's pretty universal and the ones that are just low voltage that's again those can be changed as well if you need new ones but that's all university house okay yeah it's pretty simple I appreciate that all right the guy is the boys from west wing back in center are here he listened next weekend is the west bend area chamber of home show at Washington County fair park you guys gonna be up there up there or in phone booths three hundred three oh one when you walk in the door but that's going to be going on March thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth of next week and you're gonna find a lot of vendors it's a lot of local people that are in the show but will have sales will have a lot of vacuums and are both love central accent up so you can see him try him out we have the rug there you can try everything out and see what see what it does to people coming there like show me the sorcery you speak of right amazing that yeah the other world all right from the carpet to the floor will show me the whole double and they can see for themselves what kind of product that we have that's cool DOT website west bend vacuum dot com back with the guys in a bit on the fix.

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