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Together on the H to Ian Crawford in the W TOP traffic center Much thanks to the callers Chris we've got new crash activity on the Maryland bellway where it seems to be a little slippery coming through the roller coaster Several vehicles said to be involved on the inner loop as you get ready to get toward Connecticut avenue since we right before exit 33 it's over on the right side You stay left in at least a column of one if not two to get past the crash activity inner loop before exit 33 for route one 85 Connecticut avenue once you are passed that you are good but delays are starting to build as people have rung into the new year and now try to get themselves home The rest of the Maryland the Montgomery bellway is good on 95 and on the VW park we are fine two 70 nothing pending at the moment On the we have new crash investigation activity chamber check that this can be good luck road through land on both directions between 94th and 97th avenue we are told for the crash investigation of prince Richard county police telling us this when sadly did result in a fatal right before midnight On the rest of the Maryland roadways should be okay on 50 between the bay bridge and the beltway let's get to Virginia 95 and three 95 are good crash with 66 east bout near one ten so I believe this can be after the roslin tunnel before you get to the ramp for one ten X at 75 It should be at least one left lane to get by The earlier utility were glee road southbound at Quincy street is gone and the lanes have been reopened but we do have issues trying to straddle the Potomac chain bridge both directions between canal road and one 23 all lanes blocked across the bridge for fire and police department activity in the district we had crash activity southbound rock creek Parkway after beach drive unclear whether we still do the freeway runs without delight Ian Crawford traffic Four day forecast now from storm team four meteorologist samar Theodore High temperatures will be in the 60s today We are tracking lots of rain Chances for your Saturday So showers possible throughout the day And we are in for windy conditions this evening but your Sunday highs will be in the 60s drying out Wendy as well And Monday plenty of sunshine with highs on Monday.

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