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Against the gays everything they want and the most erica jane thing she does and each episode and the most erica gerardy things she doesn't each episode because as we now she two sides of the same coin yeah should he fabulous one she may be to people but she's not twofaced how can you remind listeners why you're such an expert yes absolutely so i first knew of erica jane back in i think it was like two thousand an eight or nine when she came out with the pretty mess video and single and she had charted on the dance charge for a long time you know as as the singer songwriter type of you know underground gay icon if you will so i got into her way back then and then years later people started talking about air kadena jane and it was a lot of my friends were in housewives and was like what are you talking about africa jane for like what's going on here and they're like oh yeah erica she is a real housewife it was like oh no she is an icon on her out hold out for that wait a second so that's what you know drew me into a real has a beverly hills do you and tell us about the most erica gerardy thing so this will be the moments when she's just being boss ask bitch erica so the moment that i thought was right at the top of the episode it was sort of the intro of erica coming in and it was her showing off her brand new office which is amazing and she starts talking a little bit about how you know she starting to say yes to every opportunity that comes her way like dancing with the stars she's offered you know a couple of different songs i think she mentioned zabala that she's going to be singing i say yes to everything sell you want to write a book let's write a.

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