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Know, it's National Pizza Day. Don't stop till you get enough of that. I'm telling you, David, Thank you. For the the direct message. The D m sure. Keys in. Carroll had the best all the way pizza anywhere in great owners, he goes on to say. But thanks, man. He also said there's a place called Fat Cats and pizza cottage. And he's talking about in Lancaster. So very cool. Thanks, Dave. Appreciate it, Julie. Thank you for waiting and tell me about your favorite pizza on this National pizza Day. Okay, I've got four that are my favorite. Massey's in both Canada and Lancaster have the most delicious Mexican pizza you've ever had. And then, um Flanks and German village as an awesome pizza, and, um Oh, car does in picking kids? Yeah, yes, part of a great Italian menu, but their pizza is awesome. The crust is so good, and, uh Really gems on the East Side is Dad's Pizzeria s G eight Easy and they have an original authentic Italian recipe for their pizza. That is out of this world. Dad's okay. Good, Julie. Thank you. Ah, Let's see, Bill Bill, tell me about your favorite pizza. Well, Dave kind of stole my thunder. I was gonna go with Sir. Keys and bloom carols. Oh, so that's two for two for sure. Keys. Okay. All right. That's okay. Theo. Do a fantastic qualifier crossed. Which is really good. My second one is actually Tommy's. Yeah. I don't know if they're still around online Avenue. Oh, yeah. Tommy's Oh, yeah, absolutely perfect to no, it really isn't my food. Thanks, Bill. Yeah, we were just talking. Josh and I were just talking about that How they have not changed over. I don't know how many years they've been around. But it is the same pizza several years ago that you get now. And it really is it. Zach hasn't changed at all. Chris, Thanks for waiting. Tell me about on this National Pizza day. Tell me about your favorite pizza. Yeah. Blazer. Hey, If you ever get down through West Virginny, you can't go wrong with top three Gino's Giovanni's money. In a pair for the way his quarter century bust out found Anywhere close to those three would be in Western Bill. I believe it's all three C highway. It's called GM. Marco's Yes, Phenomenal Pizza man. Excellent Italian menu but their pizzas. It's something else. Very good. All right, Chris. Thanks, man. Shane if I heard him, right? He's listening in West Virginia Lovett. Thanks. Brother were huge. And what's your day, Chris? Thank you for waiting and tell me about your favorite pizza. Well, this crisis from Canal Winchester and we have a pizza cottage in this area, which there is also in a Buckeye Lake. There's one in Lancaster. I think they have five or six locations. But what most people don't know is that Turkey's pizza Zone in Carroll is the original pizza cottage. And it is our favorite. And in fact, we're having that right now for dinner. Perfect. Sure. Keys. Okay. Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, Linda. Thank you for waiting. Tell me about your favorite pizza. Okay, so I was diagnosed with celiac in 1994. They had nothing That was gluten free. So now my favorite gluten free pizza is advising clients. Bacon mushroom with horseradish, and they also have an awesome gluten free beer. The whole point is called Green. And I like the triple L. The other favorite gluten free pizza is at the Pizza house. On Lincoln and Sinclair. Oh, yeah. The pizza house, man I know. Yeah. Oh, they've even been called, You know, they've been Mm hmm. Rated as the number one pizza in Columbus a couple different years. Yeah. Pizza cottage. Ever. Really good. They now they have a sick Henderson group. Gluten free, but they also have great regular pizza. Yeah, they do. You're right, Linda. Thank you. The Pizza house. Yeah. And Sinclair Right over north Columbus, Neil. Thanks for waiting on National Pizza Day. What is your favorite? What's the best pizza? Okay. Well, um you know how they say like the best diners where they had the best food and you see all the trucks and everything, and they don't look like much. Well, this place is in Knox County. And the little town of Frederick Town. I don't most people probably don't know where that is. Um, but it's called the pizza, Doc. COC K and I think about 12 years ago. Something like that. They, uh, the owner. Ah entered the all these pizza contest, and he won second in the world. The pizza, doc. Pizza Doc in Frederick Channel. I'll and second in the second in the world That's crazy. I'm I'm pretty sure that's what he won. He didn't win first, but I'm pretty sure he won second in the world. That's amazing Dead, Neil. Thank you. Dave, Tell me about your favorite pizza. All right. I have several in several locations and they're they're all different. I would say right now, if I could choose what's there in central Ohio, it would be probably planks down in German village. One else mentioned that, uh, but then also there's a place up near Sunbury. Inga Lena. It's a little bit South East. It's it's out in the country Center village is called Picasso's. And it's family owned and the family owned. It just sold it. S so it's Picasso's. They have great pizza. It's not far from Johnstown, either. Um and then Oh, on campus when they had it. Uh, the Venetian just Gooey cheese and onion and sausage. The Venetian, Okay? All right? Yeah, well, that was on high Street. I think they're closed. But back in the sixties and seventies, it was great. I mean, the cheese was in gobs on. They're just all the crease on top of everything. On Ben. Good for for pepperoni. I'm always masses and Western bill with that crust with the corn dusting, just.

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