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Anything that can help a family get through until they get their next paycheck made a thirteen year old Wisconsin girl who went missing in October. After a parents were murdered has been found alive. The latest on that now with a CBS news. And this update it's one thirty one CBS news update, Jamie Kloss, a thirteen year old Wisconsin girl missing since October was found alive early last night suit neighbor, our is her aunt nowhere. She was found. They did not tell us that. Which is okay, WBZ TV's. Jennifer, mayor Lee tells us it has been a nationwide search for the teenager for nearly three months. The frantic search for Jamie class began immediately. After her parents were found murdered inside their Barron county home, and there was no trace of the thirteen year old someone called nine one one from the mother cell phone around one o'clock that morning law enforcement showed up four minutes later, but Jamie was gone that was October fifteenth clauses being evaluated at a nearby hospital up until now the Barron county Wisconsin sheriff said investigators had not received any credible leads in the case despite thousands of tips over the last few months CBS news update, I'm Matt piper. KCBS news time one thirty two. Recapping our top story here. KCBS this hour a barricade situation in downtown Davis appears to be over the past several hours police and swat teams surrounded this house just a block away from where a gunman opened. Fire on a Davis police officer Davis police chief during Bitel says officer Natalie corona was investigating a traffic collision in downtown Davis. When a gunman opened fire despite the the life saving efforts or provided by firefighters who were. Immediately adjacent because the the primary I station is right near where this happened. Weren't able to officer corona who was only twenty two years old died at UC Davis medical center. The gunman fled on foot then late last night. Police located him hiding in a home about a block away from the shooting scene. Efforts to get the gunman out of the house did not appear to be successful. Now, unconfirmed reports from the scene that the suspect is dead. We are still awaiting further information from the police department, a stay with KCBS as we get more information. We will pass it along to you. We're getting word from Baghdad that the US military has begin has begun. That is to. The draw troops from Syria. Again, a US military official says the US troops have begun the process of withdrawing from Syria. The official declined to discuss details as we get more information about that. We'll have the nation. The details for you here on KCBS back here in the bay area. A nineteen year old veteran of the contra Costa county fire protection district has now been charged with possession of controlled substances and embezzlement. They contra Costa county district attorney's office says it is now charged. Richard Stevenson, chief of emergency medical services with two felony embezzlement charges and two misdemeanor drug charges alleging he stole drugs belonging to the fire district to support a drug habit. Contra Costa county fire spokesman Steve hill says Stevenson has been on administrative leave since the arrest and officials have inspected the department stock controlled substances from all fire engines trucks, and rescue vehicles hill says they found no sign that any were tampered with but the replacing the entire stock as a precaution. Important thing. I think is that there wasn't any impact to the public safety. And we've taken steps to immediately ensure there won't be related to this or feature as of yesterday morning where I should say as Wednesday morning Stevenson remained in custody. We head back now to the Davis story, again, a situation up there after a collision of some cars downtown Davis police responded and one of the officers Natalie krona was shot and she has died from her injuries. She was twenty two years old. The gunman took off and was located at the house, a barricade situation, ensued. And they could not get this coming out of the house and the barricade situation ended last night early this morning, and now UC Davis police have tweeted that the shooter has been found deceased inside this home near fifth and east street in Davis with what appears to be a self inflicted, gunshot wound. So again to end this. Tragic story in Davis officer dead Natalie corona just twenty two years old a shot while investigating a traffic collision down down downtown Davis last night at about seven o'clock. The gunman took off he was found in our learning that police confirming and Davis at the shooter was found deceased inside a home their fifth and east street in Davis with what appears to be a self inflicted, gunshot wound. Komo crab season appears to be winding down KCBS has mortgage shave reports from point near Half Moon bay..

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