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Divorced and and relationships. okay. I mocked artist. Said they had a very unhealthy relationship. So what do you think my mindset on. I that's it you know. I think that would be a good husband tomorrow. Wipe a good spouse. I say the greatest achievement that i've ever made is reaching a ten year mark in my marriage happily i one when we reached ten years three years ago. I was like wow. This is the greatest cheap. We have never been separated. We have never talk about divorce. It's possible to change things that have always been so that that idea. That marriage was not a possibility for me while all throughout our marriage those those i mean they were police this understanding because again they were imad. They remark like. I don't know about this but i know that is possible and i don't have to fall in line with everyone else and will what i seek that i can be happy and i can can have the partner that i deserve. And that's another thing. you deserve greatness. You don't deserve any. Thank the knee who you really are. And so that. That's the misperception to me. That i can't change. That is what it is. that's natural. yeah. And i think when you say. I can't change your your limiting your own potential. You're limiting your own ability to evolve because wise was told me then you. You're the same person that you were ten fifteen years ago then. There's a problem that you should be constantly evolving as as a as a person And so I'm also reminded of the scripture and the bible things proverb by able to help me out where whereas as a man thinking in his heart so is he as so it. Does it start with box or does it start with. Our words are both. Yes so i had mentioned that earlier as a man thinks in his heart so is he. I think we have them. I don't know if we have a four hundred standing of that scripture because it goes beyond what we just think from conscious lep thoughts that come to my he can either accept them as our been rejected. And say no i. Don't i don't agree with my causses. Says i'm moving on life. That's s kutch the offset within our subconscious minds. Those were programmed. That's a program or the terminology. People use is that is an unconscious bias as corporate america tower. Or that's pair. Nine is something that's within your mind your subconscious mind that is playing out automatically. We're autopilot. We don't even know what's happening of good example of it as when you are driving. You don't think to drive you gain your guard. You go where you need to go unconscious living driven back and forth to indianapolis several times. And why did time. I get to indianapolis. It's natty unlike gear because that's not a sub-conscious level and so that's really smarts. But i like to say but is you're you're you're gifted with two different things no other life four has been gifted with these things and that is our mind and our speech our mind in our speech. That's what differentiates us from. Everyone else accident instinct and things of that nature. And so it's it's the your question. It starts with our thoughts with thoughts and that translates to what our speech. What we're saying and i'm not just talking about verbally. I'm talking about those They'll sell talk conversations that we have all of the time visit things that were saying under breath and we wouldn't dare say so that's where it began so must be able to to change. Was an art programmed. Mind our emotional mind and start to speak things. Speak those things that aren't as built. They were then. That's when that's when change can begin to happen. And so what i listened to you manage. It sounds like it's a it's a discipline. And this what i mean by discipline a training of of what we call three have to do with ourselves in order to create a normal. Would you agree with that. I was what a great wholeheartedly. And so for you what what was that. Process like journey is a journey com. Today this is ongoing. We're always becoming. You just mentioned that. And i said long like you. You're always becoming if you're the way that you are ten years ago now something you what you to always be growing. Sulfur me. What i do partially is. I'm always reading something that's inspirational. That's positive because repetition is the mother of skill and so in order for me to get rid of all the things that aren't serving. Well i need to replace those things with with something with a c. that's going to route. That's going to produce good fruit. And so i'm reading all listening to messages positive messages. I am I'm not focused on what's going on in the world per se. Now i have an understanding. Be clear i'm not living in above wife says but i'm not focused on everything that's going on external in the world per se og of. You're just a quick example. My muscles there a week or so adult and We just had our full conversation..

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