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WMAL news it's three oh two why am Tom loading a bus accident last night resulted in twelve people being rushed to area hospitals all of the injuries were not life threatening this all happened when a car slammed into a bosses sparrows point fire units responded to the seventeen hundred block of sparrows point Boulevard that's all the details W. I. mail has at the moment a cold case file has been re opened a prosecutor with success fourteen years after a twenty year old man was found stabbed in a vehicle near laurel city hall the stabber and killer is now in prison Michel Duval was sentenced to thirty years for stabbing Brian mosis prior was found semi conscious in a car on west street in September of twenty oh five he'd been stabbed a bunch of times Brian later died in the hospital the case went cold for years but was re opened a twenty sixteen after a key witness came forward prosecutors cited trial the devol killed Moses because Moses seldom fake drugs the more than two hundred thousand Christmas trees put on headstones at Arlington National Cemetery have now been removed volunteers with the Reeves out operations but more than two hours doing good deeds and so now what happens to those pretty reefs across America organization handles that the recycling those repair work with a company called Vantaa that's major Jeremy Kelly the guy in charge of the operation those res now will be recycled and used his energy major Tilley says big football game tonight I think it say NFL playoff action Baltimore Ravens rough and ready taken on the Tennessee Titans game starts at exactly quarter after eight WMAL news time three oh four I am calmly and now here's your W. I. mail traffic and weather from the head you carpet cleaning traffic center in Virginia sixty six east bound still has an accident along your right shoulder causing pretty heavy congestion you'll be more something over the lease building from one twenty three if you're passing that the strain coming into the capital but when thing Virginia I ninety five will slow you down north found with the often on congestion from Laurie passed Fairfax county parkway southbound also list logo with off and on the late spring phone interchange that continue from learn in it too would bridge in I. five sluggish southbound I'll stop very little congestion from eastern Avenue as you're passing he's got a straight crushing Pennsylvania Avenue Aaron Galbraith enough arise the repeat icon that have you on the weather channel forecast tonight windy with rain after midnight a low of sixty tomorrow morning clouds giving way to afternoon sun a.

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