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First let's take care of all the rest on we'll start off on the show attendance at business forty five taking attendance is fine but you can't have my address and phone in case one of you get sick and it's through super spreaders six five oh negative five Sally's easier number eight and his evening plans by three PM that's held high Machon Sally it's a full ten other three evening plans means he's drinking here I've got the right got it stuck there by three o'clock I came in tonight in singing in general creates a lot of saliva you can get saliva on you sitting in the front row Handel's messiah at Benaroya hall it's really no different from a car and that's an adventure right that's one way to sell tickets zoom fatigue now four to five people need to learn to drink during these two meetings like Tom does during this less anxiety and from day fried more no less the project is like our boss of bosses that's right tell Tom and John that Mike so can I will schedule a daily zoom call with the show team and they'll quickly find out how exhausting it is white with pride more now that would be exhausting her inside baseball churches here two oh six bathrooms are probably an issue of churches five and three six so open drive in theaters to religious service okay open driving PDS it's a command three six cell medium age sixty nine the same number of people older than sixty ninety younger than sixty nine yeah to the average but not always yep that's right on restaurant rules the new rules in phase two four two five why are people worried about giving your name address and phone number that everyone already has every time you order on Amazon every time you reserve a table online you're already getting that stuff so dumb so dumb a two oh six I don't plan to go to any restaurants the main reason people go out as a good socialization with others but under these conditions it's like prison guy no thank you all I will order in we got a pound you're you're leaving.

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