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For Tyler Johnson works to Joseph. It's center. I still deflected in You're so pretty a cycle. Lobbing into center ice and grandly tape to tape yard croak to the lightning in Calle Jarnkrok left circle. Point. Echoing shoots that got blocked in front rebound. Granlund fell out into the slide on a layer to Hey, fella because he was knocked to the ice. Tyler Johnson may be called for a penalty here in the Predators will get the game's first power play of the 17 25 Mark. Happen. Overnight to Jennifer's. Yeah, I've read in front of the net. The book was bouncing right there. Went back to the point shot was blocked. I think hit Connie and I think in front, okay and and kind of Johnson. I don't know. Phil jostling for position there. That's it. Exactly. He went for the puck, and the guy was going for the buck, and he fell down. The other guy's a national bank. So I mean, it's one thing If Johnson works for throwing a pick or something, that's not what happened, but present probably earned a power play chance based on their part position. Advantage. Draw one for you See, high slot Right circle. Kelly Yard Crook spreads on the power. Play down one Nothing yard crook. Left circle are bits and whips in a one timer. Harbinson, pressured by Hedman keeps it down low, though for Grand Lin, he got tied up by our turn Accurate croak pursues it, though. Keeps it alive in the right corner. Look point for Arvidsson. A little path comes to grant all left corner is checked by turn. Act pretty aggressive penalty killing by the lightning. See if they can retrieve the pot know Arvidsson wins it left Circle of point. Yosi. Let's circle Viktor Arvidsson. Mumbles it a bit returns. You see Left point right Circle. Kelly aren't crook. CenterPoint.

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