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Where we both interviewed each other eight mild wings and then work to super hot ones. Would you wanna do it? I mean, I'm bad with spicy stuff. But I'll give it a shot. Why not give it a shot? Okay. We're talking about two million Scoville level. You do it fro the internet demands your compliance. Are you going to be if enough people until one one do it? I'll do it. If you wanna see me, and Danny do it. Let us know on Twitter. If you don't you don't have to do. But I think it'd be kind of we've got to spice things up around here, no pun intended, my friend, and I would like to try that. I would like to put it on camera. I'll take the day off after this. So I don't have to go to my next job. And we just ruin our day with sports, maybe we can have sound. Off with wings. Yeah. But we have to get through all ten try. No iota. There is no try either do or do not I well, we'll cross that bridge. How about this? Let's plan something we'll come up with the plan. We'll float it to the audience. Would you be forming a plan? All right. And then we'll just throw acid Austin's face because he's stupid. Okay. Thank you. I appreciate a good job today. They're against we are not done here on the show. We have one more interview to get to I spoke to one of the great coaches in may who is now a commentator for ESPN he's doing like cornerman commentary, and then a little bit more Trevor Wittman he had he had a did a phenomenal job in the US's debut on ESPN. So I wanted to talk to him about it. Here's our conversation. And I'm joined now by coach and now commentator Trevor Wittman Trevor how are you, sir? How are you doing quite? Well, if you're making time for us, so it's actually jump right into it. I have to say what a pleasant surprise. That was when we saw you at the the ESPN plus event as this sort of, well, how would you define your role? Right. Because on the one hand you're discussing what's happening in the corners. But you were also talking about some of the action in the cage for the fights that self so you're commentator, but what is your specific role? I don't know they had called me about a week prior. And said, hey, we have this idea of you know, calling how the corners were and that a lot like how FOX was that ESPN is not going to be showing the corners, but pay per view does. So they asked if I can come and be a part of the peon events and do this position that they didn't know how it was gonna work. So I showed up and they put makeup by me. And I realized that make up on me might be doing on camera. And then they tested that out in the beginning. And kinda ran with it. And they would just ask a you're in there. Do you want to jump in? And I think we're just kinda swinging from the hip at the moment will I gotta say you're swinging from the hips looking pretty good. So there was there was no formal triumph for this or anything. No. Wow. That's so unusual television. I'm sure you know, that like just to get your dry run as the live version of it. It's highly unusual. What if? That is. I think they will. They told me that they might go on might not. So I think they tested it on the on the ESPN, plus the prelims prelims. So, you know, I guess it was going well because they kept me on every every part. So now have they discussed since then what their plan is. Yeah. At first they wanted me to do every everyone, and I just said, hey, man, I'm I'm super busy with with onyx and with athletes, and I don't wanna take on too much. And they wanted me to see if I could do everyone just hold on internationally at the moment..

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