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Have things like this to worry about i mean i'm sure that there have been really old things of the the white house refrigerators it's a boy or or there may be phobias that uh that bother you things that that uh that the upset you the two of you might be a well shy about in that case of course you can always make up the name of the city for example we are not positive that this would steven kennewick washington i guess it it could be a oh fretted very bags alaska but anyway hi steve welcome oh who a talker you're absolutely the oldest overhead admire furtrher was bill oh wall or how old are there were put to crank power curdle or oh ugly you glee oh boy i don't pay in order to go live i all i opened it up and act quickly code it yes i bet you did and you you discovered a new former wife their rights dave brand new form of life all in one fell pay now all hope of yet dettori there was we'll see what was it one of the the naked gun movies with leslie deal than priscilla presley in which he uh he goes refrigerator in his heart for and get class the milk heavy crate a chugs cub belting out that the gap of i can sympathise a if milk is the oldest the you had to refrigerator it's time to do so in the dory by bad of death at all death away thank you thank you very much all.

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