David Dante, Jared Goff, Thursday discussed on Patriots Dynasty Podcast


I think because the patients gotten got did it with grievous. I'm not surprised that got rid of it. Because they made they put it out there. I'd say the rules that the nfl done to minimize the better. Their chances of winning what patriots. It is closing loopholes the patriots running i was i was just looking through over the cap about the million dollar cap it thing. Yeah and i was like whoa. Which team shy look to compare should be the rams i picked the jets a twenty player difference. The pats and the jets as far as that cutoff is. Is you go with the rams ranches so top heavy. I bet you they don't even. Yeah the rams a so top heavy trail there picks for you for know how they still have a first round pick because they feel like they sort of first round picks at every prom. They're right same way. The nfl has somehow managed to make the nfl draft a big thing While some teams the same. I don't really care traffic's which is amazing to me. We'll see we'll see how i don't know if the rams they have their shot i dunno get back to the super bowl with jared goff to regret that jerichow throw a. Which superbowl did they which one you talking about. Wish you will also you talking about the patriots. Well no. that's mike moss. The first one he should he could not believe read afterwards. There were people. Tell him to run the ball. Run the ball run the ball and he wouldn't do it didn't yeah. They wouldn't at all. I came to. You've been that close. That whole they would how they would pitches so big dogs cruelty points. And that's eagle eagle dough check would not Should i was. I wouldn't do that. And then michael butler was bench. Who knows no one knows. David dante doesn't know. Yeah how is now been said anything. Yeah that's crazy. That is crazy wolf in nevada. You'll find out when when bella check retires he comes on this podcast and tells us exactly. Thank you again. i'll just hit them up and let us let them come on. Yeah yeah troy brown. Here's what he wants to do. Once he is finally tiredness reactional. I saw two thousand and six. We remember this bill. Thursday gamers the jets and the.

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