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Look at whether from Ko Phi sunny and hot with eyes from the low eighties to the low one hundreds from Southern California to later dealers Traffic center. We make it easy. It's a wreck on the 605. Yeah, little something here in the Seal Beach area. It's actually 605 South connector to the westbound 22 the way they're situated here. It's right next to just before the 405 south transition, So it's not backing you up on the sixth of five so much, but it is on the transition to the south on four or five. So expect that little slow down. It will get a whole lot better once you get past that scene. Hey, if I and this guy is sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Ball with you Drive on the 7 10. I enter changes or tough spots, that's for sure. The south at 7 10 now coming away from, uh from the I five. It's in pretty good shape. Now it is getting a little so we came down to the 17 along which Boulevard just those south of the 91. To look for a hazard of some type of didn't really know what it is. All lines are open. I can assure you of that traffic is a little slow. But back to interchange is for a man. What's real busy? Of course. Is the West 91 to the South 7 10. So you'll say once you get past all Beach Boulevard pretty good drive all the way down to the queen married if you go in that far drawer fan, so I was looking good. And just a follow up on our last report. I mentioned Little Break five activity West 10, San Bernardino. Around Rosemead going in. It's just morning traffic. That's always Metro Express lanes looking really good Injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock et af eye in the sky. Hey, if I and this guy helps get you there faster on Robin Banks Solar Max is giving away a free solar system to the listener with.

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