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Sports Radio. Here's Seth Cantor, with an update See me? Yes. Fun sports flag. All right, John. Thanks. Always good to be with you in any other Super Bowl matchup. The chief's chance to win back to back titles would be the biggest headline. However, there's one player bumping Casey from that top billing. Which, of course, is Tom Brady. Brady, making his 10th big game appearance for more than any other player, his first with the Bucks going for his seventh Lombardi Trophy. Can't ever think that you're satisfied. You gotta continue to build and grow and learn and evolved and some things they're going to challenge you, But you gotta fight through those things. And you know, From my standpoint, there's always room for improvement. Then if there's reigning Super Bowl M v P Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes and coach Andy Reid Reid's team could be one of the rare clubs to win two straight championships. But Travis Kelsey not thinking about that. Right now. I'm just focused on the now I'm not really focused on the history of the or the future, really, Just the mentality of taking advantage of whatever we're doing in this building. T get ready for Sunday. I think that's the main focus on ramp report reporting the homes will have off season surgery to fix his turf tone, while offensive coordinator Eric the enemy is expected to get an extension. Super Bowl 55 Buccaneers and Cheese from Raymond James Stadium at 6 30 Eastern significant quarterback News NFL network believes the Saints true breeze could be headed for retirement. Eagles, reportedly close to trading Carson went to the Bears. ESPN indicates the Jets have been approached about dealing Sam Darnell's Texans holding Divine. I'm not dealing to Shawn Watson, according to NFL Network ramp report, adding, the Cowboys will again franchise Dak Prescott of us they can get a long term deal done first. Five NBA games free coming up at the top of the hour. Utah the National Basketball Association's best record of 18 and five jazz visit the Pacers Knicks go for three straight wins home for the Heat, who are just 18 14. Hornets host for Wizards Later Celtics and Sons in Phoenix and the Clippers battle. The King's in L. A college hoops number eight. Iowa and Indiana underway. Third Rank Villanova home for Georgetown at 2 30 Eastern. Hockey Capitals flyers underway in D. C. Later Red Wings that the Panthers hurricanes visit the Blue Jackets, stars host the Blackhawks and the Kings and cold. The nights in Vegas and tennis is Australian Open starts later. I'm Seth Cantor. Be so no Matt Stafford for the Broncos. Could they really lame The Shawn Watson. We've got the once in sweepstakes covered with the best sports talk on extra sports 1300 years, not their strength when the owner steps down and passes the team off to his daughter, James has to protect himself and his crew from her attempts to modernize the team. The crew stars Kevin James is the crew chief for a NASCAR team, premiering February, 15th only on Netflix. According to the National Institutes of Health, 30% of Hospital admissions and older adults are drug related, like taking meds at the wrong time. Hero health simplifies Medication Management The smart device doors up to 90 days worth of up.

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