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560 ksfo i just got deal with my ranco these progressives and how they really have i mean they're they're they're cut from a bold of karl marx i i prove that in the last segment you get the podcast little bit later just read my book eko charity where i go into that in great detail but here here's an example i know i know some people send us over the top come on no these people life liberty the pursuit of happiness they roll their eyes behind your back their role in their eyes they're say oh come on at so stupid those are sits simple to notions come on i've got a better brain the you you don't deserve liberty that that's how they think you don't deserve you can't handle it that's why we need government rules or regulations blah blah blah blah blah blah and that's why they're just apoplectic about donald trump and that's white nancy pelosi last night she was lose their marbles and you just saw the rare of contortions spasms right she was completely losing it but i'll give you a couple of examples one is msnbc so they've got a host name joy reid so she tweets out and they talked about this she tweets this out these are the phrases that got her just that that sent her to the moon that trump used of the speech again these are the same people life liberty pursuit of happiness give me a break come on you don't deserve that you can't handle that we let you have that look what will happen to this country look what's happened in this country right now we've got mr life liberty pursuit of happiness as president he's ruining this place okay here the here are the key words that sit this woman into shock last night you ready trump said the word church he said the word family he was talking positively about the police he was talking positively about the military he talked about standing for the national anthem and she saying oh she she's she's p because she says this is 1950s era nationalism msnbc church family police military national anthem oh my god get this guy out of here it was a whole youth eliezer can you right c folks so you know all the hyperbole bride your tagged by democrats being like marxist no did you they are there than the number one goal of karl marx was.

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