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That special deal Nancy Pelosi concluded negotiations with President Trump by going back to her democratic caucus and then talking about President Trump's mantha. These people are all civility and all class. She said it's like a manhood thing with him is if manhood can be associated with him. And then she said of the conversation with Trump it goes to show you you can get into a tinkle contest with a skunk. You get tackled all over you. That's weird verbiage a tinkle contest with a skunk. You get tinkle all over you. I guess when you are one thousand years old, this is the kind of language that you use to describe a political club fight in the Oval Office. And the here's the point Democrats don't onto fun President Trump's priorities on the border. The reason why the the question we should be asking ourselves is why do they not actually wants to be funding these border priorities. We're not talking about a lot of money. We're not talking about a great deal of expenditure. We're not talking about something impossible or crazy. It is not impossible or crazy to ensure that our border is secure President Trump's talking about five billion dollars in the government spends that about every five seconds. The fact that Democrats are trying to suddenly skimp on border security should be telling you something about they're actual priorities. And I think president from knows that which is why President Trump is pushing on this particular subject and pushing very hard on this particular subject. I don't think he's wrong to do it. And I think that now that he's got. Democrats in the majority in the house at least incoming he has the ability to to at least cast aspersions at their willingness to protect our southern border with should be of serious concern. It should be of serious concern who crosses that border. Apparently, we've been arresting thousands of people every day crossing that border securing the border seems like a no brainer. Trump knows it. The American people are in favor of it. And the fact that Democrats are willing to let people go unemployed for the holidays because they won't fund a border wall is pretty astonishing that said President Trump should have done this when there was Republican congress, and it it is kind of devastating that he didn't. Okay, coming up. The let's intersectional theories about how life ought to work have now hit heaven heart. Kevin hart. Of course was the guy who.

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