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That are destroying our country. Lives of black people lives of real black people who are on the ground who are victimized. You're gonna hear statistics. You're going to hear stories that are very compelling. Coming up in just a little bit of a number by the way is 800 to 88 w B a p 800. 2889227 Um, this is about the North Carolina shooting the death shooting death of Andrew Brown. And Joe Biden's The FBI is now opening a probe. They opened a probe into the shooting death before anything's even be then. Released or anything, and it's just crazy is absolutely crazy. So, um, I want to give you more statistics. More. Or it could be more information on this because Ben Crump, the race pimp attorney who Tamir Rice's mom said she fired and demanded he stop using her name and her son's name and pimping off of her. A swell as black lives matter, because they're getting nothing. The room in the lives of black people get and she gets nothing. And so there you go. I mean, the truth comes out. Which I've been telling you about for for years. Don't listen to me. Listen to to me, Timmy A rice, his mother. Now the guy that you're being told for 24 hours for actually past 48 hours or more from Ray's Pimpin Trump in North Carolina. Is Has 180 page record. Oh, convictions. He's a drug dealer off. Police say, Felony arrest warrant service was was on this one that led to him getting shot and killed. Felony search warrant service and felony arrest Warrant service. Which is why the quote police look quote heavily militarized, which is what they do when They are going after somebody to take him down, who was a known drug dealer with 100 and 80 page record with violence and drugs and a tremendous drug dealer selling crack cocaine, meth? And and other horrible drugs that are destroying the black community. Um Anything prior in his history and arrest with violence and weapons is what this is about, And that's why they did this. I heard an expert today on Fox News talking about the serious nature of all this and why This was so serious when they executed the warrant also, what's really incredible that you need to know about this case because you're being lied to about it is that multiple officers shot Andrew Brown in North Carolina in Elizabeth. Uh, it's called Elizabeth Town, Uhm, North Carolina. Elizabeth City. Be Multiple cop shot. Not just one. It was about. I think about five shots five times He was shot and I'll give you more details of the second on that, but including in the back of the head, which that doesn't mean anything. They're lying, saying was executed. You don't know that. And but they don't want you know what the truth is, they never do as you know, Like Michael Brown. Always a gentle giant. No, he was a thug trying to kill a cop. So high and th e that he was hallucinating the level of th e in his system from from we was he was loosening and by the way, High levels of THC lied to Um, psychotic. Test psychotic episodes. And when Sykes psychosis happens, and you're in your in your mind, you get very violent. Do you remember the guy in Miami? Who won under a bridge and eight homeless man's face off. They told us it was bath salts and weed. It was not. It was just weed. Do not. That's from Alex Berenson, who wrote an entire book on How Dangerous Weed is starting with his wife, who was a psychiatrist who deals who works with criminal. She's criminal, a forensic psychiatrist. She's the one who told him we'd is causing psychosis and tremendous amount of violent in bad crimes you see is because of weed. He laughed. Didn't believe it. He went and investigated cause he was in New York Times reporter and turns out, he wrote a book on saying Holy crap, She's right psychosis. That, or just being a thug is why Michael Brown did what he did to the cop. Take your pick. I mean, he'd be strong arm robbed a man earlier a few minutes before that his grandma's neighborhood That's what he thinks of his grandmother neighborhood. What Be The 180 page record. And convictions s so when when you're getting shot by, and by there was some multiple officers shot the Andrew Brown in North Carolina. Multiple officers. That means you have more than one officer. At the time that this went down. That believed it was reasonable to use deadly force. And here's a quotation from an expert Today force must be objectively reasonable. For a cop to use deadly force. It must be objectively reasonable Maura officers than one were of the same mindset that this was objectively reasonable to use. Deadly force. So you're gonna have a real tough time just off of that Now we don't know. We don't know anything, and it's possible they both met made a mistake or three of my know how many's shot but it's also possible this guy was was thinking black lives matter of becoming a hero. I'll do something crazy. Or maybe he went for his weapon known. He has 180 page record Who knows is a felony search warrant. Family weren't felony search warrant to take him in. What do you think? Where's he gonna go with 180 pages of arrests? So once again and Joe Biden's like Joe Biden's stumbling on himself like he wasn't he was stumbling up the Air Force one trying to worship People of color and lift them above and and look at them with that soft bigotry of low expectations. Well, you're black, so it's obviously murder and the cop whether it's right or not. Doesn't matter. You're black, so it's murder and I'm on your side. FBI's in For anything comes out. And by the way, even if the body cameras released tomorrow after the 10 o'clock hearing in front of the judge, North Carolina just so you understand it means nothing until you have all the facts. So here's Here's some of the crap I got from the stories on Fox News today. Then Trump the race pimp attorney I told you about, he says, just released footage of the military's militarized police force rushing in to kill Andrew Brown. This has become a constant sent across America. The evolution of policing is now terrorizing communities of color. That is a lie. 80% of black people want more cops. Or do not want to and or do we want the same or more level of policing in communities of color black people? Brown was killed US eight days ago, says Fox as they were attempting to serve a drug related search and arrest warrant on him shot five times. Four on the right arm. Which means to me, Maybe it actually doesn't mean anything We don't know. But for the right arm once in the back of the head, according to independent autopsy, so by the way, If that's the case, it could be because the first couple shots or he was reaching to do something maybe is reaching down below the seat. That's why they shot him cause that point. They're going to use it. It's a serious felony warrant. For serious, dangerous felon. And maybe he reached down to grab a weapon. Maybe there's a weapon in the car. You know anything doesn't matter, right? Maybe he shot the back of the head. But he was reaching down for something maybe was because he was shot the first as when the first shot came in. He reflected and move his head that you don't know The point is, it doesn't mean anything. Mom said there were numerous assault rifles. I'm sorry, the one of the attorneys said quote. There was numerous assault rifles that scene. There's no such thing in this assault rifle, you tool race pimp attorney but number two That's what you do when you're getting a dangerous felony onto the interests of phony warrant into a dangerous felon into custody. We watched it over and over again, said one of the Rays, pimps and he try and finally tries to get away and he backs out. But not going toward the officer at all. At no time in the 20 seconds we saw was he threatening the office? Yet? 20 seconds isn't telling me And, um I'll share with you the other side and just the second as well. I'm gonna try to finish this part. Um Okay. He put the car in reverse. Is Fox news shot while sitting in a car with his hands on the steering wheel, supposedly One of the ones in the back of the head is you put the car in reverse trend around 1/10 of the fleet. Is what one of the folks all this up Okay, This is the race pimp attorney says where he was trying to evade being shot..

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