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This is Matt Bigler in San Jose tagging along with the mayor as he does a head count of the homeless. It's pretty stark out there. There's a lot of folks on the street. KCBS news time to thirty-one CBS. News update, extreme cold is bringing life to a standstill across a huge swath of the country. WD JT TV meteorologist, drew Burgoyne. Arctic air has arrived, and it is sitting and parking right over the mid west temperatures this morning in many spots close to twenty below. And no walkie Chicago Minneapolis at twenty three below and don't expect a major warm up as temperatures are enough to cause frostbite in as little as five minutes public schools. In Chicago were closed today. The district's Janice Jackson students safety is a top priority for our district and while cancellations can be disruptive. We will not hesitate to cancel classes. If we think we are unable to safely receive students schools are also closed in Shorewood, Wisconsin parents say they're ready. We got popcorns and watch Netflix fruit. To make that we can stay in at least six deaths across five states are blamed on the weather. CBS news update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. CBS news time to thirty two in here. Just for a little bit of perspective. It's fifty five degrees in downtown. San Francisco this morning and with the wind chill in some midwestern cities. It's minus fifty so we're one hundred degrees warmer than some of the mid western cities right now that is mind boggling the heads of US intelligence agencies went before congress yesterday. They differ from the president's positions on ISIS, Iran and North Korea CBS news correspondent Nancy Cordes reports. They also raise new warnings about Russia and China. We have one against ISIS. We've beaten that was President Trump just last month. Let call the sharing the order. I'd like by his handpicked intelligence team said he's wrong. Isis will continue to be a threat to the United States. Still command thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria, and it wasn't just ISIS CIA director Gina hospital and director of national intelligence, Dan Coats, contradicted. The president's you on almost every major global hotspot the Iran deal is defective at its core. At the moment, technically, they're in compliance take North Korea. Which President Trump insists is no longer a nuclear threat. That problem is largely solved leagues. His advisors said the opposite. We currently assess that North Korea will seek to retain its WMD capabilities notably at this hearing on worldwide threats. They barely even mentioned illegal immigration, which Mr. Trump insists is the greatest threat of all kinds. More lives will be lost. If we don't act right now. Republican leaders downplayed the discrepancies. Does it trouble? You that the president appears to be so out of step with his own advisers when it comes to foreign threats, I didn't really follow the testimony. So I don't have any observations, but leader McConnell himself broke with Mr. Trump, urging him not to withdraw from.

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