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All your favorite artist 6 45. Brian comes here and that way have a few appointments available for those looking for shot. Anybody listening this morning has been trying to schedule an appointment for themselves or for somebody they know. Aziz of this week. Anybody 75 over eligible for a shot in the state of Ohio. Esso are people who have developmental or intellectual disabilities. They've opened it up for that population as well and I for two weeks now, it seems like I've tried to run through all the websites and schedule appointments just to see what's available. And have never seen appointments available when when they started at local, like Kroger, pharmacies and things like that. Kroger's handling about half of all the distribution locally. And right now, the Kroger locations Oakley, Montgomery Madeira Blue ash, all showing available appointments for this weekend for Saturday, so that would be the earliest that somebody in in this area could do it. Check like West Side locations, and those still show that they are booked and they don't have available appointments. But if you if you get out there if you've been looking and frustrated, this might be the morning to try it. Get a shot Northern Kentucky, You're out of luck. This week. All their available websites say that they don't have any appointments for the 29th and say, Check back after that. Even Indiana now, which had kind of gotten a head start on vaccine, People 70 and over their appointments at the Dearborn County they're doing at the Lawrence Park Event Center. Check that site this morning, and they're like book, now through almost the end of February has anyone said where the Crimp a new supply chain is, is it the manufacturer? You know, I've heard it's it's the supplies to put the vaccine into the bottles like I mean, just I mean, goofy little things like they didn't plan to have enough small vials they didn't have. I guess there's a special rubber stopper that has to go in the bottle itself, and some of the some of the issue has become the vaccine is there but just being able to package it properly is part of the issue. Let's recycle. I'm sure something from one of the ER Yeah, coming up our new seven o'clock We'll talk about the little bit of freezing rain. It could be moving in the tristate soon 89 start to see it in the area. What a weather advisory. In effect, Details at seven a news radio 70 oww Community residents houses that scout rules. Our town is full of us. Time save our community. By snapping up you can have on the land Pay attention. This is not a crime stoppers up on 700 wlw. Alright, this time district for detectives are looking for Tony White Jr. Only white Junior wanted for aggravated menacing and Polonius assault. Here's the story. Going to the victim. On January 18th. He got into a verbal altercation with his girlfriend who called her dad to the scene. Whites accused of pulling out a gun and striking the victim in the face causing injuries. In the victim's family arrived, witnesses said White chased him away following them in his vehicle while pointing a gun at them. He's a bad man. Tony White black male 41 years old 59 to 35 9 to 30. Only way Junior last time to live in college Hill. If you know where he is, you want to call crime stoppers and get some cash remain anonymous. 51373. What? How many times I've done this number? 35 to 30 43 5 to 30 40 Online Crime Dash Stoppers thought you s Tony White Jr. Let's round them up. 6 49 We have a good crook story Speaking of crooks. This guy back on the 16th of January. You fled from officers, then holed up in an apartment where he shaved his face, changed his clothes, even cooked tortillas while posing as a resident. He ended up burning the tortillas, which led police to call the fire department, which led them to the apartment. Where the guy was hiding. The embargo. Hernandez was arrested on suspicion of burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, attempted burglary and vandalism. What happened? Least went torto Ch 41 A m a report that a man in a car was acting erratically that officers discovered the vehicle had been stolen. But didn't know when the man ran from officers. Describe a lengthy chase with the suspect jumping fences running through a park. People helped police pointing out where he had gone when he reached an apartment complex jumped a fence. Tried to get inside an apartment. It was locked and ended up in another one that was unlocked. Those residents were not home. So he pretended to live. Their shaved his face changed his clothes. I guess the close of the guy who lived there fit him and decided to settle in and make some food. But he burned the tortillas. Causing the police to call the fire department who then went in and busted the guy if only he hadn't cooked the tortillas. Making him our stupid criminal the day Congratulations. Congratulations. All right, 6 51 traffic weather sports. Yes, we got along. What else Talking Some money with Nathan Backtrack just ahead. I had been taken Probably 7 800.

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