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It doesn't contain him. And in fact, he sort of moving beyond his shell because he's just got a very fragile shell. And when you close it up, it's like a thick sandwich and the shells or sort of like the bread right when you look at the one side and the side just in there like he can't even fit in his show. He's got a big next dick out the diggers always out and diggers out. Yeah, the net kind of fitness very well either those diggers foot. Yeah. Yeah. You're right. So goes in his next always out. They like of they like they don't like. They're not in gravel during like just fine, fine. Sand union call saying. Saying, I would like. Yeah, same tropical beach saying like what you would want to walk on in this stuff and they hang out run in in the Latorre lls zone, though that word do not. It's like see, meets land like where the wave action plays out the littoral zone, the hang out in there and you sort of follow the tide out and you got clam gun or clam shovel, and you study the ground for these a federal little dimples at form and vanish. Sticky clam gun in a clam going is like, what was the day clam gun? They like five inches. Six inches. So five, six diameter to with a hand with a t handle on it. And you jam that some bitch down the mud. Right on top of where the dimple you center? The dimple on the gun and then tip it. And I've heard both. I've heard tip towards shore, never tiptoed the ocean. Tip toward, I think tip and towards shore. To not cut the claim and half at the clam gone. Yeah, which happens. All too often boss awhile. But you're not, but you gotta keep your boss tres. Yeah. So then there's like this little air. There's this little air escape hole in that clam going because shove the gun down. It compresses the air and so or shoves the air out and you sit down to buried in the mud, then you plug their home. Pull out in the pulls, the whole slug a mutt out which you're cylinders about what foot and a half, two feet. That's eighteen inch. Just eighteen eighteen eighteen inches. You still under the whole your figure puggle shove down the air needs to escape. But to make suction you just plug. It's like a little trigger hole. You plug it little trigger whole and you pull the whole kit and caboodle of pulling a core sample out of the ground. Horsing really good half the time. You dump it out in the clams, not there. Then you jump in and sink your arm into the up to the armpit in the whole, or you double-punch like pull up their cram back down in there, and then you get good, then pull up and you catch him or jump down and sink your arm up to the armpit and areas down in their hand on them. Yeah. Pull them up and there is your loud fifteen. And it's the first fifteen that come out of the ground. They don't want you highgrading them and they don't want you discarding them, but people do anyway. So pretty soon Segel's all over eating, busted up razor, clams and it's a hoot man, and they kind of open it just sporadically like a weekend here day there in it's usually the PM the PM low tide. Yeah, the PM low tide. Have you done it in the evening with Leonard of the take? My kids I have. I've done in the evening. It's real fun. I feel like you'd lose children at night. You have them hold the lantern. That's a good shore. Tony, we were out with kids and you had your youngest in one of those backpack carriers draft in. That's right. And you bent over to work a clam and the kid come out to carriers. You kept trying to reach down out of the carrier clam. So I go over like this and she would chew would come out backpack trying to reach out to Kim out of carrier right in the surf hoops use this. There's like you go out there on the rough day, and there's this kid's wash and back and forth. It's hard to get declaims trying to pull your kids out sir. Got to watch him, but then the last claim and we did the last razor clam we did..

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