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Employees who carefully gathered many items from this awful scene among the items collected. Were rope on top of a trash powell nearby carpet padding that was covering richard's body a skull and torso that were not richards. A gray coat a few cummings from richards. Arms hands chest cubic region and thighs. Richard montgomerie's autopsy did prove that his cause of death was strangulation. He had to ligature marks on the front of his neck to horizontal marks on the right side of his chest and braided grooves around his wrists. Since the grooves on his wrist did not prove to be bound to his back. It was concluded that these marks pointed to him being tied up to one of the trees due to the murder. Being so unique it stood out to the poli- so much that they went back and reviewed the assault that was reported on august fifteenth nineteen ninety four by stanley burden based on that report and the similarities and the assault of stanley and murder of richard. The police decided to go undercover an investigate daniel carnahan some reports say that the investigation was also pushed forward with the help of david..

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