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App, approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search. T. R. A. F F. I X Chicago, your forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center. We've got clear skies right now as far as rain goes, mostly cloudy, still out there, but the WGN TV interactive radar is showing just some scattered showers in L Gakuen, stretching backup north west up to the Wisconsin border. But again, they are scattered showers and a line of thundershowers out on the Illinois Iowa. Border started dissipate. So some of those heavy rains that were being predicted are not happening on the overnight hours and we could have a fairly clear day or at least most of it as far as rain goes. We'll get a little windy out there like it up to about eighty degrees today. Sunday got another forty percent chance for showers before one in the afternoon. A high of sixty nine your Memorial Day they're calling for a fifty percent chance of showers or thunderstorms, high of seventy six temperatures around the area right now, seventy five at O'Hare seventy six at midway, Oaklawn. And along the lakefront Lake Michigan water temperature fifty nine a wins out of the south west twelve I'm Roger badesch in the WGN newsroom. Ready to join the conversation whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. We're in the middle of the show here on seven twenty WGN Jon Hansen in for Matt boo Bala until five o'clock here this morning. I'll be back with plyer in for player I should say tomorrow morning, and then I'm in for Gilio on Monday morning so Memorial Day weekend overnight packed with myself here Jon Hansen villain. Blake steps joining us on the line. Blake you still there, buddy doing good. Before we transition to summer movies, and we're starting in the Texan, three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred the movies that most remind you of summer here on the unofficial start of summer. Got a question from Tinley park James, you're on WGN. You've got a question about heredity or hereditary. Yeah. Let me just say that what would southern movie that I really think started a trend Jones. But also one after that was raiders of the lost brought a lot of the old time serial type movies, like romancing the stone and so forth back in the eighties. You know that sort of gone Rawls movie, you.

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