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Expect is going to happen to Robert Kraft the differences that that did happen in an era where the colts weren't suddenly with Peyton Manning anymore. They weren't winning Super Bowls and even this year when craft was in the lock or not when craft sorry winners say was in the locker room after the colts won and went to speak in sounded a little EIB Created reacted. like all of that system. Colts fans have become a little embarrassed by say, but when you're winning it's no big deal. It's a strange section to be because you see when fans become disenfranchised for whatever reason when they finally become disenfranchised. How often you hear fans say, well, you know, make the league needs to make him sell the team. It's never that easy. I lived through years as a raiders fan where the NFL Davis Davis's life. He just seemed like out of touch, and like maybe things weren't like all their sometimes and the team sort of was just run into the ground. And there are a lot of raiders fans that were sitting there saying my God, like what do you do when you know your ownership just can't provide a winning team? You're right that what I just said is they can't provide a winning team. Maybe it's just as simple as you win and everything else is forgiven. It's really easy to throw IRA at the players. And that's what we do like everybody. Everybody wants to players. They're carrying it out on the day-to-day base. Like, you mentioned Dolan in in New York. Like Dolan's a he's a laughingstock right in the joke is like the Knicks can't even tank well, right? One hundred. Thirty on the Spurs last night. They scored an own goal, and they can't even take because they won the darn game. Right. It's like the Dolan is a laughingstock, and what he's done that organization, and my annoyance with him is that you've taken a team that was once on the NBA pedestal, and you have driven it into the toilet. And again to me, I'm not a Knicks fan, but I'm offended by his inability to win. And it kind of goes back to that same thing. Again, you could be I don't know anything about the man that he could be doing awful things. But I'm mad at you. Because you can't figure out how to make the Knicks win. No. That's my bar. I I'm sorry. If that makes me a horrible person. It makes you a realist, I think we're I mean, you're right. I, but that's how I think fans think I just want to win a thousand percent look at when different colleges have had controversies as much as Penn State and Ohio State Michigan state, and it feels like, you know, I'm just listening big ten schools here. But as much as they've all had their their. Moments of embarrassment for a lot of the people that that support those teams it's been about. Hey, get off our backs food just want to go out and win football games. And you know, that that's that's part of culture. And I also don't think like if you ask people who got degrees from Penn State university. Are you now supposed to be embarrassed? No by your degree. I don't because they were involved in his can't I don't think so either. Well, or not like realistically, nobody's going to be embarrassed to be a patriots fan today. You might be embarrassed by the actions of Robert Kraft, but that's totally different than being embarrassed by the patriots. You're right like in. Sometimes it sounds cold and callous, and this is something Sarad. I've talked about in the past to like we are just in a world where winning is everything as long as you're winning. It doesn't really matter. How incompetent ownership is look at the Steelers if they if the Steelers were coming off years of terrible terrible football than the comments. Supporting Ben Rothlisberger above all else would be considered miss some sort of dysfunction that that couldn't be handled..

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