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Whoever may on that board to the animals themselves, obviously being alive and being happy and healthy is important to them. This Oakland based cinematographer and pilot will be the subject of a new streaming show called Doug to the rescue. And that's what he's just going to continue to do. And if you wantto hear more learn more. I've got too much more of that interview and some videos and stuff. It's really amazing how this works. He goes into detail how the infrared drone actually finds the animals any way you could find that at kpk dot com The afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil So there you go. And his name is Douglas thrown. All right, Let's check some traffic and weather together. We'll do it right now with Dana Hess and brought to you by East Lawn and as we take your travel times. Looks like things are looking a whole lot better out there on almost all your freeways downtown of the split seven minutes eastbound Cap city split to Roseville, nine minutes. South on I five they'll grow Bull Marty 11 minutes now. And toe Hood Franklin Road. We have a report of a traffic hazard there and it looks like wood debris. So get ready to slow down a little bit otherwise south bound 99 gonna be a 10 minute trip. Tell Grover Boulevard downtown and hold some 18 minutes eastbound 50 16 minute ride toward the north and I five. If you're coming out of Woodland South found, it's going to be closer to an hour to get into. Ah, the area. That's because of an earlier action at their airport boulevard, although it is starting to look a little better, but it's certainly taking its time downtown at Davis, nine minutes Westbound 80 and why leave How you remembered to chance pre playing all your wishes with East Lawn and have the final say in your final farewell plan Now for a peace of mind later Visit east lawn dot com today to learn more traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons on news 93.1 kfbk. Tonight will be clear and chilly. Well, ceelo tonight 41 2 45 Plenty of sunshine on tap for tomorrow and Thursday..

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