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Soccer is dealing with today, right? And I don't know one player that will vouch for playing on turf. They may say something political, whatever, but nobody, no player likes playing on trip. I've had major knee surgeries myself. If I'm on turf, I feel like I'm on skates. It's a very difficult task. Now we've seen stars. Thierry Henry, Drogba, slot on. All of a sudden, when they're here in Major League Soccer and they're forced to play on trip and by the way, Major League Soccer has at least to my count 5 venues that are turf venues. When they have to play on turf when it's on the schedule, mysteriously, he's not available. Mister Lee, he's got backsword. It's mysteriously something they don't play. If these stars, whether they're pastor prime or whether they're heading into their prime or whether they're looking to the future, start having a second guess because the logistics, the turf. About whether they want to be in Major League Soccer, this is a bad thing. Forget what the owners say, forget what FIFA says, forget what anybody will try to sell you. Turf is terrible. And it really hurts these players. Don't just take my word for it. Do some research on these said research. It's more it's more of a probability that these players will get injured on turf. Yeah, I'm thinking you're talking about from the player's perspective, totally valid, but from an image perspective to, and this is, I mean, it's an obvious word to pick, but it looks cheap. It looks plastic, right? Well, that's why they do it, Seth. Yeah. You don't see it though in the best leagues in the world. That's what I'm talking about. And I think it's there's also a point to be made here about team and individual team ambition, right? Because where do we see these turf surfaces with the exception of Portland? It's not in the soccer specific stadiums. It's in the places where you have an MLS team playing in an NFL stadium. So we give a lot of credit when we see the big crowds in Seattle and Atlanta and Charlotte. But there's a price that you pay with that. You don't have control over your facility. And at the end of the day, her, you're forced to play on turf. And so these other teams, like a Minnesota United, which by the way, if they can go grass in Minnesota, you can grow grass anywhere. They're investing in their players. They're just doing it in a different way. They're focused on keeping them safe as opposed to spending it on great players, bringing them in and then having what you see in these places, which is great players getting injured on turf. Final word quickly to you. You said it best. I mean, I've got nothing to say. Nobody likes playing on trip. I don't think the fans enjoy watching it on turf. If the sun comes out, if it's not what it slows it down, it's a horrible product. Nobody wins. More injury news now, though not to do.

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