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312981 72 100. Mark joins us Now What? Upbeat music Mark? I hope I sure hope you're feeling the love because it's It's coming your way I hear from so many people, including myself. We just we miss seeing you on TV, My friend. How are you? Oh, God. Anna, Thank you so much. I have to say you and I have talked more than a few times since this thing went down, and I just can't tell you how much I appreciate your personal support. And if I knew I was going to get this much every time I would have gotten fired a lot sooner and more off. Why are you enjoying your time? No, I really I really, really am. It's I'm at the point now where I still feel like I'm on vacation. You know the early stages and again being so flattered to be mulling over some options and enquiries and offers and we'll see. I mean, I could do nothing or anything right now, and that's a great feeling it Z. And it's so trading cliches. But I have to say it. There is a whole another world out there. In fact, there are eight million other worlds, so it really feels like a fresh thing. So it's all good. I'm never going to forgive her. Forget How it went down, but eventually I'm gonna have to move on and get over it. And but it all worked out, so I'm really the luckiest guy going. Yeah, well, selfishly, I think we'd all like to see you back. I mean, you brought so much joy to us. I mean, look, I want to read this text You mark real quick. 847. Please tell Mark he is really missed. He is the only sportscaster who really did more than just read the script. So unfair. What happened at seven. But I hope he finds the best gig possible. And I don't know what you take your time. You think or any idea about what? When you might sort of do something else, or if you will, do you do you think were you? Sorry leaning right now, Mark. Well, First of all, thanks so much for that text. I think that was my agent Joel Ways. I feel like the clock is ticking a little bit in the sense that I think I need to make a decision sooner or later. Because, you know, once you're off the air, you're pretty much forgotten. Although these past three or four months spent overwhelming as I said, it really much appreciated. You figure out who your true friends are in the business and outside the business, but You know, like last night? I'm watching the draft. You know, damn it, Should it working so I could have thrown Mike. You sense it, you know, and, uh, Carlos Or don throws his no hitter, Almost perfect game like, gosh, it would have been worked. Could've been working that night. And I'm putting the highlights together in my head as I'm watching the post game, So I still have these little twinges of G. I wish I could have jumped in on that. I wish I had. You know, could have created a graphic or written something semi clever or, you know, play with some sound bite and try to come up with a new angle. But on the other hand, while I feel like I have plenty of energy, plenty of juice left, maybe just directed another way. You know, I've had 40 years in Chicago. I had at least 10 before that on. I was working the night shift the whole time. So now I'm trying to go to bed early and get up early. Make the old country buffet and, you know, be able to do a lot of things I wasn't able to do before and looking back. It was very glamorous, Exciting Dream job for sure. But also you paid the price. Um, never had dinner with my kids growing up putting him to bed doing homework, even though I never could help them with their homework. Um We had a lot of great hockey trips to bond with which I really appreciate it. But, you know, I think I spent more Thanksgiving and Christmas is with Michael Jordan and I did my own family. Sometimes you know the run of all these playoff teams and championships. Holidays, weekends, everything else you're working so now Get to be Papa. You know, I've got three grand kids and I have three wonderful sons. They're three wonderful wives. So best friends in the world assembling is in the world. So I've got way too much going on just now. I get to enjoy it all. Yeah, Well, that's the trade off. You're right. You're absolutely right. You nailed that? No, actually, I think you've said that in a speech somewhere even years ago because I have a friend who quote you on that and says, you know, we look at margin, Gregor. We think he's just like, got this incredible thing. And you? You lay it out perfectly you did you had all of you. Do you have all these like experiences Michael Jordan and all these stars and you're right there, front and center. On Ben. There's the trade off with your life, eh? So you have some decisions to make moving forward as you feel the offers coming your way. Hey, can we pause it for a second? But I don't We have listener questions. 312981 72 100 questions for Mark Giangreco and I do want to get your two cents on the draft. I know you've been I've heard you've been slightly critical of Ryan pace in the past, and I'm just wondering where you are today. Mark who hasn't? No, I'm not. I'm not singling you out on that at all. Let's let's hold on with marquee in Greco will be back with him in just a moment. But let's check the traffic.

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