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As soon as the bills were introduced and removing unfortunately, removing like we had the back, page takeout. Take down we had Craigslist. Personals go down that immediately made life demonstrably less safe that caused harm to sex workers who were using those platforms to screen potential clients. To keep themselves off the streets. Yeah. So, you know, yeah. They came for the sex workers first. And now, it seems like, you know, especially with tumbler and now with Facebook folks are starting to realize like, oh, wait, actually. Yeah. Look at this overreach. Look at the problems here, right, and regardless of your feelings about sex work, and that particular line of work, this this really has made the lives of those individuals. Markedly more dangerous has made it so much more of a hazard for them to do what they do. Whether or not you interested in patronizing such such people like you don't want them to get hurt as a result of the laws. You don't want them to be placed at higher physical risk. And that's the exact effect had. I'm trying to remember whether it was the guardian or maybe it was medium or whether as vice, but there was some investigative reporting after system foster which determined that as a result of system, fosters passage more and more people were being recruited by Johns and being exploited because they didn't have the venue in the outlets. That's. Something like, Tom, lower or Craigslist or the back pages would have allowed you to have. So it's the purpose of it. And of course, has the chilling effect because of today they can come after sex tomorrow. They can come after female nipples. Yes. Yes. Got heaven heaven help us if the ever catch a picture, Venus to my low on Wikipedia and say you have to take it down. Right. So much so much like classical art renaissance paintings and such of been posted all over the place under the tech too hot for tumbler now. But and the funny thing is like tumbler has even said some things like like, you know. Art work like that will be accepted, and and everything, but we are also looking at tumbler doing this with automatic filters, which we all know, how wonderful those work. So even even even even if you agree that this stuff should be filtered, or this stuff shouldn't be on the internet the scattershot way that they're doing. This is just completely useless tumblers tumblers own post a post by tumbler talking about this change was flagged by tumblers automatic system and taken down. Somebody Corey Dr posted this whole thread of complaining about the complaining about the tumbler announcement being taken down that post was recognized as objectionable by templates filter and blocked the post complaining about that was taken down by Trump Lewis filter and blocked, and it's just this this inception of you know, we've got to go deeper another layer of stupid, computer, save doing stupid thing and blocking access to perfectly fine and important information and the programming itself is easily tricked. I mean, look if you can take pictures of. Badly drawn grant you arrange them just so you can trigger the flack this Garfield. We're talking about here. I'm waiting for the day when Jackson Pollock shows up in the filter and it says oh by God. Please call the cops. It's Chechen Pollick. Splatters a wall. So we don't even see the algorithms that are behind it. Everybody's trying to figure out what exactly is triggering these red flags, and they're finding that the flags are being raised for reasons that make no sentence some cases. Absolutely. So so this this is basically just a big mess all around there is I don't think I don't think even for people on the side of this thing. I don't think positive stuff is coming from this. But, but yeah, it's patently ridiculous. And of course, people are leaving tumbler in droves. And if you search around there have been lists posted of viable alternatives for people who are doing adult themed art or who are looking for places where where sex workers can still can still post or things like that. But. And the decentralisation. I think is a good thing. It's never a good idea to depend too much on one service that is outside your control. But at the end of the day, like not everybody is going to start up their own method on server, not everybody is going to host their own website and keeping the information of eligible and acceptable to all who might benefit from..

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