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A bus carrying a canadian junior hockey league team involved in a terrible accident on a highway in the canadian province of saskatchewan the royal canadian mounted police reporting fourteen people have been killed fourteen others hurt three of them critically inspector ted monroe the rcmp says the crash involved the bus at a large truck semi trailer unit collided with a passer bus carrying members of the humble broncos the collision occurred on highway thirty five approximately thirty kilometers north tis down no word yet on how many of the dead are players the humboldt broncos were on their way to will play off game the players on the team all in their late teens or early twenties an official with the catch you on junior hockey league says he's been told the bus with tboned in texas meanwhile texas national guard helicopter headed south as the deployment of the national guard begins and under the authority of governor abbot this deployment has begun with the movement of equipment and troops let's brigadier general tracy norris of the texas national guard says initially the two hundred fifty texas guardsmen will assist in border patrol efforts with planning and control planning and commanded control arizona will deploy one hundred fifty guardsmen next week the policy known as catch and release for illegal immigrants on the border is coming to an end in a statement the white house says the president has signed the orders to end the practice in which border crossers are given a summons to appear later in court most of which are ignored facebook continuing to apologize for the data privacy scandal chief operating officer sheryl sandberg telling fox's dana perino we now that facebook we did not do enough to protect people's data i'm really sorry for that mark is really sorry for that and now we're taking very strong action to.

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