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We will we saw them for us said dick and the boston garden and we were kids so why we acres will play russi quitting work at night because you went at night so so i jimmy all brown says tell you what i'll do you guys rushie fight so joe soy aside you know he's sitting in a way it can go online and they had a stunned minutes hit them over their heads he says travel what will rusty we went y'all really enriching comes across the sat jobs slot of was was so expect welltrained dog yeah yeah that's great with three of them now i'm going to add the quick bit to you a story league dunkin' owned renting at i am a poker game with lead dunkin' john wayne and several other people i was taking place in league dunkin' didn't have enough to call to call a hand so he put up ownership to renton tin enter within the park he john wayne won the hand and said i don't want this the dog bit yet foul bill at this hour so uh he he could have and that don't made a lot of money he could have wound up owning renton ten we'd done to foul whoa whoa won an outlet that should decision he regretted the rest of a light i may be he dresser he was churning out movies to a threeyear every year for what 1620 malaria he's red have sam that he had an odd though a sam mode that that was a good dogs yeah sounds of the dark anything else darn now yet uh you know that you thought you you guys remember champion the wonderful with yes anthony lodging it would live gene autry source yeah he added in the story the he had champion news owned by the name ricky and they had a dog name rebels a german shepherds and they would do tricks like the uh kill captured one side you split the end not work was was harry water who played texas rangers i used to play a lot of bad guys pierce and he went out rebel the dot the horses knocked the bottom over the door.

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