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Back. This is the Ben Shapiro show. So Bernie Sanders an open socialist he may not actually be radical enough for the Democratic Party. This is why unfortunately, I feel like constitutional concerns have gone by the wayside, and we let off with President Trump talking about his emergency declaration. And he says, listen, I know that I may be violating the constitution here. But if you're worried that I'm setting a precedent will Democrats are going to do it. Anyway, because they have no limits when you look at the Democratic Party, it's hard not to feel the same sort of flight ninety three urgency that was expressed by Michael Anton in this famous piece for the Claremont review books back in two thousand sixteen he suggested basically the country's gonna crash anyway, you got to vote for Trump because you got to try to storm the cockpit. The metaphor didn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense. But if you look at the Democratic Party right now, it does feel like this is a party that is determined to drive America into the ground. And this is a party that does not care about constitutional limits or even frankly the limits of decency. Bernie Sanders is not intersectional enough for them to socialist did not intersectional enough. So for example, CNN's Bakari sellers. He came out on CNN last night. He said, listen, I know burning marched with Martin Luther King. This is one of the good part of Burmese records. But he says that's not enough burning isn't intersectional enough. He was criticized last time for not connecting effectively with the African American community is part of what he needs to do to get the nomination. I know you're not necessarily Rudy. I think that Bernie Sanders has a long way to go. And I there's a certain part of me that believe that ship is already said, I mean, it's not the fact that Bernie Sanders marched with Dr king in the sixties. I think that was one of the first things that he said the question was where have you been what have you done since then has been whereas your activism been since the sixties? Okay. Well, here's the problem for this Macari sellers, does speak the language of the basement. He is talking to the democratic base. But the democratic base is not the entire voting population of the United States, nor is it even the voting population of the Democratic Party. There's a poll out of South Carolina today. Here's what it chose chose the Joe Biden. And Bernie Sanders are the only two candidates to reach double digits in the democratic primary Biden has thirty seven percent of the vote right now in South Carolina. Followed by Bernie with twenty one percent of the vote. Kamala Harris comes in third with nine percents of the vote. Cory Booker has six percent beta Iraq, Elizabeth Warren, both received five Elizabeth Warren is toast. She has done. She's not a competitor. In this race. Kamala Harris, though is charging really low among black voters. And that's what's so fascinating about this among. African American democratic primary voters Biden has forty-three percent of the vote. Sanders has fifteen percents of the vote Harris's at nine. So for all the talk about how intersection is going to rule the future. The reality is is a minority even in the Democratic Party, probably, but it is a minority that is now running the party the folks who care so much about race and sex and the intersection thereof. Those people run the heart of the Democratic Party. But the Democratic Party is not relegated to just those people. On the issue of reparations for African Americans. Thirty one percents of respondents among Democrats agree with the policy forty six percents disagree. That issue is not helping Kamla Harris with South Carolina democratic primary voters, according to the poll seventy nine percent of them support reparations, but they are breaking for Joe Biden nearly four to one. By the way, President Trump has a positive approval rating of fifty percents in the state. So in any case, this is sort of the point as the Democratic Party moves ever further to left President Trump's chances get even better as I've said for a long time, if President Trump can just let the Democrats go crazy and continue to go crazy and not go crazy himself. He may be in good shape and good good news for him, the Democrats appear to be going fully crazy. They're now eating their own. So Ilhan Omar continues to be a fresh face of the Democratic Party incredibly fresh as well as face. I mean on the cover of Rolling Stone with Nancy Pelosi who also is a fresh face. Meaning that she's had a chemical peel in the last thirty days in any case Ilhan, Omar. Will not stop at the anti-semitism. I mean legitimately will not stop can't stop won't stop turn down for what age. She incredible she's made three openly anti semitic public statements in the last month and a half and has apologized twice. Not for this latest one, and she's being celebrated by the Democratic Party. So fearful of ticking off their intersectional base. How do you think is going to play with the broader American public? I don't think it's gonna play all that. Well, so over the weekend, Il Il, mar so Nita Lowey tweeted out Nita Lowey Democratic Congress person from New York, and here is sort of what happened. I it's a couple of things Bill Maher last week suggested once again, the Jews were Jews in America and American Israel. Supporters demonstrating tool wilty loyalty to Israel as well as loyalty to America. And then if the two came into conflict, it was really going to be loyalty to Israel that one out then in West Virginia, some idiots at West Virginia GOP wanting L Hanno Marta. Hold their beer. Apparently, they tweeted out or they put up a poster that had a picture of nine eleven and it had never forget you said, and then underneath it was a picture of Ilhan, Omar saying, you forgot is though Ilhan Omar is somehow a member of al-qaeda Ilan Amar is is is terrible in a lot of lay. She's not a member of al-qaeda. That's absurd. It's absurd. And indeed it is quote, unquote, Islam-phobic it's Islam phobic in the sense that not every Muslim is a sense is a member of al-qaeda. Doesn't mean Mars any great shakes. She's not. She's joked about all kinds of before she is she is essentially expressed sympathy for other terrorist groups like Hamas Hezbollah, but is she responsible for now? Of course, she is not, but when she has called on her own, but but the amount of inside the Democratic Party it turned into well, you know, let's do this. This is llama phobia against is truly terrible. But we're just going to ignore the whole thing, nor the fact that she's Nancy semi. I'll explain in just a second. First. Let's talk about your impending doom getting life insurer. Can feel like assembling the world's worst, jigsaw puzzle. It's confusing. It takes forever when you're finally done. It doesn't even look cool. But here is the thing if you have a mortgage or kids or anyone who depends on your income you need to solve that puzzle. You need to make sure that you are prepared in case God forbid, the worst should happen..

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