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Hundred another spring like day today are high of eighty two is only two degrees away from the record high of eighty four plenty of sunshine only about a ten percent chance of an afternoon shower if they'd mild overnight with a low of sixty seven and some fog could develop again Wednesday morning but that he continues eighty on Wednesday in seventy nine on Thursday taking advantage of this nice weather by heading out of the water southeast winds coming southwest of five ten not a news channel eight meteorologist bad and checking temperatures around the bay area right now seventy nine in St Petersburg eighty in Clearwater seventy three in new port Richey eighty two and ever hills and eighty one and your severe weather station newsradio WFLA are accepted at five thirty I'm Felix Vega cold order order see to shine the our final news roundup and information overload our uses unemployment is the lowest it's ever been in the history of our country their poverty levels in a horrible poverty level in the negative sense now their poverty levels all the best they've ever been in.

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