Fort Sill, New York City, Obama Administration discussed on Mark Levin


Nonsense used for something different now it is not a concentration camp. It's not even close to that. They've said that they're going to open it up to media, and let people come look at it. You can make your arguments without being so unbelievably dishonest, but they just can't help themselves. How are we supposed to trust the members of the media when they put out stories like this? I just can't believe how are we supposed to trust them? Good. Good question. Congressman Crenshaw we're not supposed to trust them, though. Or we should not trust them. The Trump administration descend, migrant children, former Japanese interment camps, that's the time magazine piece. And what you find out if you read down a little bit is that. Oh, wait. The health and human services department under the Obama administration. Also used fort sill as a temporary emergency shelter for children detained at the border. That's right. The Obama administration sent children to the site. Did anyone ever say in the media? Obama sending refugee kids to same place, used as Japanese internment camp. No. That was never. Why is that folks? Why did that never come? Why was that never said you know the answer? Fun to ask the question rhetorically, isn't it? No. And then you have the other reality that fort sill is a very large US military base and has been in continuous operation. I think since the mid nineteenth century. So a lot of stuff goes on, at fort sill, a lot of stuff happens. You know, I'm, I'm going to New York City this weekend. I'm going to be in New York City for the weekend. Visit family and be with my, my pops for Father's Day, and you could describe that as a Buck Sexton going to the city stolen from native Americans for like, whatever was a few dozen dollars in some womp or something. That's kind of a weird way to describe it is it a lot of other stuff has happened in New York since then. And if you describe it that way out of nowhere wouldn't that tell everyone a lot about what you are you have some agenda? Buck Sexton heading to stolen Indian land for the weekend, also known as New York City. Okay. Well, I, I guess it's technically true, but it's not really high would think of things. This is the absurdity of the media, though for them accuracy now turns into. Any any question, who's this person, you could say someone who's never been in my kitchen? Remember that from was it Norman cheers. Said it before the show. I forget tactically true. You could say that about any number of people someone who's never been in my kitchen, but it doesn't really tell you much that was him doing travek. That's, that's right. That was thank right? Yeah. No. That was that was in. No. That was on the real cheers. I think he was on. Right. Or no. I thought it was him when he was playing at travek on jeopardy. Real jobs. We'll track it down, what track it down. Oh, speaking of track. It down track down in a second. We'll be right back. Talk radio six eighty. WC DM is the home of Rush Limbaugh. Noon to three. This Father's Day. Get your data shirt from untuckit, you know, the shirts, designed to be worn untucked untuckit shirts. Have that just right untucked length? So dad.

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